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5 practices that masters are daily doing to make your painting skills leap forward

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow

I believe that many people who learn to paint always have this trouble

Whether your painting skill is at the beginning level or the middle and high levels

We would always hope to surpass ourselves yesterday

But how to practice in order to continue to improve our painting skills to the next level

This is a question that people would ask when they get stuck in a painting

So I want to share with you today

5 ways to practice drawing that masters are daily doing!!!

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Time-limited sketching

Time-limited sketching is the most commonly used practice for painters who already can draw to a certain extent. Through the limited time of 30 seconds / 1 minute / 3 minutes / 5 minutes / 10 minutes, etc., you have to draw the picture in front of you in time. You may think “How can this be finished?” or “How can I draw it?” Usually, you just set a time for yourself and force yourself to draw it immediately, your brain will automatically enter an analysis state so that you can start drawing something. At first, you will feel that your painting is terrible or you can’t analyze the complex images. This is normal, so don’t get lost. If you practice correctly and learn from it, your drawing ability will be greatly improved!

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Copy painting

Copy painting is a practice that many beginners will try to do it. For people who are of different levels, the copying works are different, so don't take the master's work to copy when you don’t have the basic knowledge in order to improve your drawing skill. It’s easy to feel frustrated because you can’t draw it, and you might even want to give up drawing. So when you practice copy painting, you should evaluate your drawing ability and find that it’s a little bit more difficult than your level now. You will be able to copy this work more easily, and you will be able to learn more in the process of copying, and you will not get hurt because of too much frustration! In addition, don't think that copying is bad because your painting doesn’t like the painting that you want to copy. The point of copying is "what have you learned?" You have learned something that can help you create in the future. This is the most important thing!

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Geometric composition

This practice is mainly to help you capture the general direction of how the creator arranges the overall picture composition from the picture, so you don't need to make the picture large, and you don't need to take color and details into consideration. You only need a pen to quickly grasp the shape and composition of the overall picture using geometric figures. Through this practice, we will find that shapes and contrasts that we have always taken for granted are actually components and basic skills for advanced performance in design, painting, animation, film, and more in composition.

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Light and Shadow and Color

Many cuties will be frustrated at this level for a simple reason. It’s difficult to control the variety of light and shadow and the diversification of color. Therefore, when you practice the color of light and shadow, you don't consider the details, but only consider the use of the color and the depth of the light and shadow in the picture. It is recommended that you use a larger and thicker brush to practice it so that it would reduce the possibility of portraying the details!!

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Try not to modify

Accepting mistakes without modifying them and thinking about how to transform another way of expression is an advanced practice. For perfectionist artists, it is a very painful practice! However, if you can practice this to the extreme, you will greatly increase the efficiency of drawing. Many people like to "Sculpture" a picture very much, they take a lot of time and modify it many times. It becomes more and more stiff and unnatural. So through this practice, in addition to helping you save time and effort in modification, it can also help you think about how to make your paintings more expressive!

These practices are actually strengthening your brain.

And help the head more flexibly control your hand muscles, because the picture data is transmitted from the eyes to the brain.

The brain sends instructions through the nerves to the spine and then to the hand muscles.

The repeated exercises of this whole process are making the brain more proficient at controlling our muscles to draw pictures so that we are able to present beautiful paintings.

Slowly, in the beginning, make sure you're doing it right, and you can speed up your drawing.

If you have any new discoveries or you find the tips are helpful in practicing drawing, please share with me in the comment below or use social media or mail! I am happy that you read this article, I hope it would help you! I also look forward to seeing your progress in the process of painting and the works from you guys!!




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