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Design your bullet diary with anime!!!

Hi, I am Comic black rainbow!!!

I am a person who likes to collect cute stickers, collage material, paper tape.

When I write a diary, if I am too busy or I don't have time to decorate my diary withdrawing, I will use these collage materials to decorate my diary or notebook.

Actually, I have never tried to combine anime painting with collage.

I just think I can also try to combine anime painting and collage to see how it works, so today I want to share with you the production process of this anime collage painting.

If you like animation painting and hand-made collages hope this little tutorial can add some inspiration for reference!

In the beginning, I used to put a lot of materials on the table, and then I started to choose some patterns that I felt it's good to design the page at the moment, and directly do the typesetting! Generally, I will do the layout first, and then think about what the things I should draw, because if I draw something first, and then choose the collage material, I may encounter the lack of materials, I suggest that if you want to produce such a combined work, it is easier to find the materials as much as possible before deciding what things to draw.

Next, you can see, I put the draft directly on this draft because kraft paper is a paper that is not easy to modify, so I do not recommend that you paint on kraft paper directly at the beginning. No matter what work you do, it is best to finish the draft at the beginning to reduce the possibility of our mistakes and correct them easily!

Next, I painted a watercolor base directly on watercolor paper, because most of the materials this time are related to the surgery, which reminds me of some melancholy, dull, and lonely feelings, plus the collage material is retro, it is heavier, with a grayish, dark feeling. I decided to make it with a starry sky, so I added brown, red, and black mixed color to the base, and then matched some dark blue in the middle.

After drawing the base color on the watercolor paper, we can set it aside and wait for it to dry. The draft that was just drawn on kraft paper can be drawn with a 0.1 technical pen. Because I want to make the whole picture presents a retro and gloomy feeling, I make the characters on the kraft paper, just like these materials, combined with the line drafts.

The watercolor is dry and the line draft is finished! The next step is of course to paste these basic materials one by one!

Next, I began to extend the body of this anime character on the watercolor paper, and use a white pen to draw the line draft. This feeling will make us feel that the character is combined between kraft paper and the starry sky background. A sense of union without being completely separated, and because I wanted to give it a sense of starry sky, I painted some planetary orbits on it, as well as some planets, and some stars in the background.

Finally, paste the materials one by one and draw a little starry sky inside the eyes of the characters, so that there can be a response between the characters and the background. After sign a name. It's done!

I am happy to share this collage work with anime drawing with you today. I liked it very much hahaha! Everyone's favorite style or materials are different. Combine the materials you like with the things you usually like to draw, you will find that you can make a special work by combining collage and anime drawing. The work would be actually very interesting and novel! And there is another advantage of making collage and animation works. When you feel that you are not inspired, the pictures created by collage materials you have chosen can sometimes bring you some ideas and inspiration. So anime drawing is not just painting, you can also try to combine different media, maybe you will find some unexpected results!




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