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How to draw the difference of occidental face and oriental face?

Hi, I am Comic black rainbow!!!

Recently, a cutie asked me is it possible to publish a video about the face difference between occident and orient?

This question is also my question when I am learning to draw.

It's a good question.

So I made this tutorial to answer this problem.

I hope that it can help those who like the character design and who want to draw character differences!

Further reading you might find interesting:

Before we learn to draw an occidental face and oriental face, we must know the differences between occidental face and oriental face! Therefore, I found a lot of reference photos, here to share with you the differences between occidental face and oriental face!

The first is the eye socket. The eye socket is the most obvious difference for everyone! Occidental faces always have deep eye sockets, while oriental faces have relatively shallow eye sockets. Even some oriental faces with deep facial features cannot compare with occidental faces.