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How to draw the difference of occidental face and oriental face?

Hi, I am Comic black rainbow!!!

Recently, a cutie asked me is it possible to publish a video about the face difference between occident and orient?

This question is also my question when I am learning to draw.

It's a good question.

So I made this tutorial to answer this problem.

I hope that it can help those who like the character design and who want to draw character differences!

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Before we learn to draw an occidental face and oriental face, we must know the differences between occidental face and oriental face! Therefore, I found a lot of reference photos, here to share with you the differences between occidental face and oriental face!

The first is the eye socket. The eye socket is the most obvious difference for everyone! Occidental faces always have deep eye sockets, while oriental faces have relatively shallow eye sockets. Even some oriental faces with deep facial features cannot compare with occidental faces.

Next is the face shape. In fact, the face shape is not the difference that so many people will notice. The reason is that there are hundreds of face shapes, whether it is occidental faces or oriental faces, so most people tend to ignore this difference. Regardless of the face shape, I believe that you can find any face shape in occidental faces or oriental faces, but we are talking about an average. So for most Asian faces, they are relatively wide and round, while most of the faces in occident are relatively narrow and long.

The nose bridge is also a feature that makes it easier to distinguish between occidental faces and oriental faces. Most Asians have a low nose bridge. Even Asians with a tall nose will not have the nose bridge as prominent as occidental faces.

The cheekbones are also a feature that people may not pay much attention to. In fact, the cheekbones of occident are usually more pronounced than oriental faces. Asians may have fuller cheeks than occidental faces, and their faces are slightly wider and rounder, so compare to occidental faces, the cheekbones are also less obvious!

The height of the brow bones, I don't notice that ha ha ha! But from the side, it's obvious that Asians with lower brow bones than occidental faces.

The chin is also a very obvious feature, but most people may not pay attention to it. The chin of occidental faces is usually more prominent, but it is not so prominent on oriental faces. The chin of oriental faces are relatively occidental faces will be flatter.

Next, we look at the side face and connect the eye sockets, the top of the nose, and the chin. You will see that it is obvious that the Asian face will be flatter than the occidental face, and the occidental face will have more three-dimensional features. I have also thought about it, could this also affect the thinking of architecture, clothing, art, and culture differently between occident and orient? Because historically, the cultures of occident are reproduced with three-dimensional thinking, whether it is clothing, architecture, or painting, while the clothing, architecture, and paintings of oriental people are thinking in a flat way, so this is also a very interesting phenomenon!

After you know the differences between occidental faces and oriental faces above, I demonstrate the drawing of the occidental face and oriental face! In the article, I simply use a single drawing to show you how different the painting can be, but if you want to watch the painting process, please click on the link to this tutorial Youtube video to watch the process directly!

You can see that I first listed the characteristics of occidental face and oriental face. When I am drawing, although I do not clearly draw every feature, I pay attention to these characteristics, especially obvious differences, such as eye sockets, nose, face shape, cheekbone. If you try to draw them, you will find that the occidental face and oriental face you draw can be so different!

I am so happy that you have finished reading this tutorial. If there is no cutie asked me this question, I might not have noticed the difference between occidental face and oriental face. Apart from the eye sockets and the bridge of the nose, there are so many subtle differences! Of course, after reading this tutorial, you have to take out paper and pen and try to draw so that you would have an impression. Otherwise, many times we have learned new knowledge and understood these differences, but when you want to draw the different, you found that there were still a lot of problems...To improve your hands and brains skill is a must-do work!




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