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3 Draw Lines Tips, Let You Draw A Beautiful Painting With Lines

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow!!!

According to another article, how to draw a three-dimensional feeling with a pen.

Many cuties may think "I have difficulty in drawing lines. What about three-dimensional sense?"

It's ok. This article will give a simple explanation and demonstration of how to draw and how to express lines.

It would make you not worry about the problem of "how to draw lines".

Before drawing, ask yourself what you want to paint first.

Do you want to draw a complete picture? Or you want to draw it as a scene? Or draw an artistic conception? Or draw a feeling? Or...?

This question will help you more clearly to choose how to draw when you are drawing.

After answering the question, let’s take a look at how the three lines are represented.

What kind of situation is suitable for and how to express

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Thick or thin of lines

The use of the thickness of the line is often used in the expression of light and shadow. The light surface of a shape is drawn by a thin line because the thin line is more exposed to light and has no shadow than the thick line. On the dark side, the lines are thicker and it can show the part that is covered by the shadows.

Sometimes, the thickness line is used where the creator wants to emphasize on the picture.