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3 Draw Lines Tips, Let You Draw A Beautiful Painting With Lines

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow!!!

According to another article, how to draw a three-dimensional feeling with a pen.

Many cuties may think "I have difficulty in drawing lines. What about three-dimensional sense?"

It's ok. This article will give a simple explanation and demonstration of how to draw and how to express lines.

It would make you not worry about the problem of "how to draw lines".

Before drawing, ask yourself what you want to paint first.

Do you want to draw a complete picture? Or you want to draw it as a scene? Or draw an artistic conception? Or draw a feeling? Or...?

This question will help you more clearly to choose how to draw when you are drawing.

After answering the question, let’s take a look at how the three lines are represented.

What kind of situation is suitable for and how to express

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Thick or thin of lines

The use of the thickness of the line is often used in the expression of light and shadow. The light surface of a shape is drawn by a thin line because the thin line is more exposed to light and has no shadow than the thick line. On the dark side, the lines are thicker and it can show the part that is covered by the shadows.

Sometimes, the thickness line is used where the creator wants to emphasize on the picture.

Therefore, when you draw a picture, you may practice starting from the light and shadow of the picture to determine the thickness of the lines. At least when expressing the form, it will not be affected by the complicated pictures, light, color, overall composition, and other things.

Solid or blank of lines

The solid or blank of lines sound illusory! But if you look at the demonstration, you can probably understand what I mean!? How to decide the solid or blank of lines, in fact, the reason for choosing is very similar to the thickness of the line. It’s light and shadow expression and emphasize what you want viewer to focus. But solid or blank of Line shows the focus of the creator wants to express more.

Sometimes the details of the place where the glare is illuminated are all gone, like a piece of a blank. The creator may not paint directly so that the image has a blank part of being illuminated by strong light.

Solid or blank of Lines is a great creative technique to emphasize your work. Instead of painting it all, creators make their work clearly expresses the part that they want to express. For example, if all the dishes you cook, you put in 5g salt, sugar, spicy and vinegar, may I ask you? Will the dishes be delicious? We must decide how much to put the seasoning according to the taste and characteristics of the ingredients, right !? In this case, there are so many ways of expression, no one asks you to have to draw all clearly, it is our own obsessive-compulsive disorder and the narrowness of the concept, which leads many creators to feel that they must draw everything in the picture. In fact, it is a dangerous way to create, because if you don't have a clear goal and plan, you may paint it too delicate, and there is no emphasis in your painting. If you have purpose and arrangement on your works, then you would make a good drawing. I believe that the result would not be too bad. You may increase the intriguing feeling because of the delicate and ingenious in the picture! Therefore, I recommend that beginners first practice the ability to capture the place they want to perform in the picture, to increase their ability to capture the ratio of the picture. After the practice is enough, they can try to draw a full picture!

Round or square of lines

The use of the round or square of line is more suitable for making a strong or soft feeling.

Usually, if a picture can be interspersed with the lines, it can express the light and heavy feeling of the object in the picture, which is suitable for beginners to express in detail. Many beginners have a habitual way of drawing. Some people tend to draw with sharper and squared lines, Some people are habitually drawing with more round lines. If you notice that you have inertia when drawing lines. Try little different lines, maybe there would be unexpected effects!

After introducing the application of these three lines and after the demonstration. Do you have any idea to draw with lines? You can pick up a piece of paper now!!! Find a picture that you want to try to draw and apply these three tips to your work. You may draw the feeling you want to express.

Try more!!! You can definitely draw what you want to express from your heart! If you have any questions or opinions, please feel free to tell me in the comment below or use social media or mail to share with me! I am happy that you can read this article and hope it can help you! If you draw something interesting after you read this article, I am so excited if you share it with me!!

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