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3 practices to improve beginners' drawing skills

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow

Some cuties who are new to painting

More and more familiar with drawing simple things

Now that you are familiar with the feeling of drawing something

Presumably, you will want to try to draw complicate things to improve yourself, right?

According to the content of the last article "Want to learn to draw? 4 simple practices for beginners"

We will try a bit of advanced practice!

So I am here to share with you three practices that can improve the level of painting skills to help beginners to draw.

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1. Geometric figure

When beginners see complex shapes, such as people, animals, plants, etc., they will feel difficult and frustrated, and then they would not draw. Through taking apart an object as geometric figures, it will help us have the concept of basic angles and perspectives on the people and things we want to paint. After doing this practice, you would not get into a panic when drawing complex shapes. And you can quickly disassemble to understand the appearance of the form, and know-how to draw it!

2. Express the light and shadow of simple objects

All the practices are painting shapes from the last article "Want to learn to draw? 4 simple practices for beginners" to the first practice in this article.

After you are experienced in drawing basic shapes, it will be faster and easier to learn how to add other details. This practice is for you to start observing the simple light and shadow changes, and to express the light and shadow by grasping the density of lines. It will help you understand how to increase the level and three-dimensionality of objects when you are painting.

3. Expand the database of computers and your brain

After learning to draw shapes and basic shadows, we already have basic drawing skills, and the ability to observe and think is one of the most important skills in various fields. Of course, painting is no exception! And this is your favorite practice, because the painting themes that everyone likes are different, this practice will focus on your own favorite theme! First of all, the first step in expanding the database is to find image materials for your favorite topics. For example, photos and pictures are the easiest to obtain and save. As draw human body dynamics, architecture, various scenes, environmental light, and shadow, etc. The second step is to strengthen your brain database! Now that we have a lot of reference pictures, we can practice taking apart the structure, understanding the principles, and drawing them. It is to scribe the information in our brains to build a database in our heads!

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After those practices

Do you feel that drawing is not so difficult?

Some cuties may feel these basic practices boring

But jumping into the water without learning to swim

You would not only choke on water

You are even disappointed with your limbs and want to give up

But it's not that your limbs are uncoordinated or you don't have motor cells

It's just that your basic movements have not been practiced enough.

Of course, sometimes we really encounter some difficulties in the process of drawing

But I want to encourage everyone here

The basic skills of practicing painting are still the practice that many masters do every day.

So don't underestimate these practices

Because these seemingly easy practices

Are a stepping stone to your path towards a master

If you have any difficulties or frustrations during the practices, please share with me in the comment below or use social media or mail! I am happy that you read the article, I hope it would help you! I also look forward to seeing your progress in the process of painting!

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