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3 Steps let you draw eyes in any direction!!!

Hello! Cuties, I am Comic black rainbow.

Eyes are the window to the soul, so when people draw the eyes are not good, it seems the character lost the soul.

Lost the taste. Lost the feeling. Lost the spirit.

But before painting the eyes, we still need to have a basic understanding of the eyes to help you draw eyes.

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We all know, eyes are covered by the upper and lower eyelids. But most people will probably paint it as a flat. Of course, it's nothing wrong, just compared to popular or real eyes drawing, this painting way easily highlights a painter’s lack of basic knowledge, so when drawing eyes, we must use three-dimensional thinking to paint it.

You can see, the eyeball is like being wrapped up and down by eyelid. But because it matches the curve and structure of the human face, it will still be deformed due to the changes in the muscles of the human face. After you understand the structure of the eye with a three-dimensional concept, we can now start to draw eyes!

In the beginning, we can use the concept of a sphere to draw the overall direction of the eyeball, and then we can decide wh