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How to draw shadows so that it wouldn't be dirty?

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow

Many people think that coloring is really a difficult thing, because after drawing the intrinsic color, you may be troubled with drawn shades.

Actually drawing shadows is really a university question.

After all, different environments present different light and shadow.

If you have ever read the photography book "Capturing Light: The Heart of Photography ", you will definitely be scared by the light and shadow presented by the world and the environment.

There can be so many changes in light and shadow!!!

Therefore, learning to draw light and shadow is the knowledge that you have to learn it all the time in your lifetime!

And many cuties are always troubled by not knowing how to draw shadows, so today I'm going to share with you three important keys to drawing shadows to help you have some direction when drawing shadows.

You will know how to draw the shadow so that it won't become a disaster.

Of course, if you feel that this is helpful to you after reading, you can also share this tutorial with your friends who like drawing!

First of all, many people must be familiar with this picture. The principle of light and shadow is very simple, but why is it always impossible to apply this principle to your drawings when you are drawing? Because if the simple principle continuous superimposition, we will easily feel complicated. Don't be afraid of trouble when you first learn to draw shadows, just observe and try more, you will slowly see the progress of your painting!

Light source

First of all, the first is to determine the light source. If the light source cannot be determined, basically it is impossible for us to draw a shadow. Even if it can be drawn, it must be a disaster! For example, the photo above is a very bad demonstration. The light seems to be irradiated from the right, but the reflection in the backlit area is bright as the light area, which is very unreasonable! So if the light source cannot be determined, but you still draw a little shadow here and a little light there, and the result is chaos!

For beginners, it is best not to practice to draw shadows from the two or three main light sources, because it is easy to confuse. I recommend that practice the shadow with a single light source at the first. If you can't draw scumbling or impasto, I suggest that you can use celluloid style to practice, it is easier to see the problem.

Light or dark of shadow

The second is the value of the shadow. Many beginners easily draw shadows with the same value of shadow, but this is wrong. The stronger the light will make the higher the contrast between light and shadow. The above picture is a great error demonstration. Although the painter wanted to make the light appear bright, the shadows of the two characters facing and backlit area were the same, so that the viewer couldn't see where the strong light.

We can also try different values of shades to see how effective it is! You can feel, the darker the shadow, the easier to feel the strong light; otherwise, the weaker the shadow, the more transparent the ambient light. Although celluloid painting is not easy to show several levels of shadows at the same time, when you practice, you can still try to use two or three values of shades to draw and see how the effect is. I recommend not to try too much, otherwise, it will look strange.

Color of shadow

The third is the color of the shadow. The above picture is also a classic example. This picture looks like the painter used the same gray to directly draw the shadow on the hair and face, plus both The shadow is drawn with a gradient effect, so the entire shadow looks less layered and unsightly.

At this time, the important secret to making the shadow look good is the color of the shadow! Many people like to paint all shadows with gray when they learn to paint at the first time. Although it can't be said that it is wrong, it is not the right way to draw the shadows. According to the feelings that the creator wants to express, or want to show the state of the environment in the painting, the color of the shadow will change, so you can see the demonstration of the above picture, the shadow on the left two Angela pictures show a cool tone, and the right shows a warm tone. There is no such thing as good or bad or right or wrong. It is up to the creator to make the best arrangements and choices according to the needs of his painting!

Finally, you can take a look at the difference in the coloring of the two pictures, and the contrast between the right and left painting in the two pictures. Let you see what will happen if you use the different way to color in the same line painting!!!

These are the three key points about drawing shadows.

It's also a concept that I use when I am drawing shadows.

In fact, there are still many points and details about drawing shadows, and involving light and the environment, it can be many hours tutorial…

So in order to let you learn it quickly, I condensed into these three key knowledge of drawing shadows and shared with you.

After reading this tutorial, just try it, play it, and draw it to see what the effects will appear?

I'm very happy that you can read this article and learn about drawing. After reading the tutorial, don't just learn the knowledge without taking action! In this case, there will be no progress! Of course, if you think this tutorial is helpful to you, you can also share this tutorial with your friends who like drawing! Recently, after learning from my tutorial, some cuties will ask me some questions. Thanks to these questions, it also gives me more inspiration to continue to make tutorials related to drawing. If there are any questions or ideas, please feel free to tell me in the comment below or use social media or mail to share with me! Looking forward to seeing your work, and your mail or message!

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