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3 wrong ways to practice drawing are the reasons why you can’t improve!

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

In addition to mindset, it is technique will affect the effectiveness of our learning a skill.

And technically,

What kind of mistakes can prevent us from making progress in painting?

And let us feel so difficult to paint?

So today I want to share with you,

What wrong ways to draw will make us get stuck?

And it makes us feel like drawing is so difficult.

If there are the following wrong ways of drawing practice when you are drawing,

Don’t worry, finish this article,

You will know and how to solve the problem in those wrong ways!

After adjusting yourself, the correct practice will let you see your drawing skills improved!

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The difficulty of practicing drawing is not between the comfort zone and the pressure zone.

In fact, whether you are doing any skill training, as long as your practice state stays within the comfort zone, your skills will not improve. It means that when you are practicing or training, you feel familiar with it, or even get used to it, and you don’t feel difficult or challenging, it means that the current level of training is in your comfort zone! On the contrary, when you are in the process of practice or training, you will feel difficult, and you want to escape it, or even you do not want to continue training and practice because it’s painful to you. It means that this level of training has exceeded the pressure you can load, that is pressure zone! So if you want to improve your skill, the difficulty of training is the best to set in the range between the comfort zone and the pressure zone.

Just like running, if you run 10 laps in the playground every day, you want to increase your running capacity and vital capacity. You hope you can run 20 laps in the playground. You can increase 2 laps first, when you get used to running 12 laps, you can increase 2 laps again. In this way, slowly adjust to 20 laps. But if you don’t have the habit of running and suddenly run 20 laps, the process may be painful, exhausted, and even get hurt.

It is the same for painting. When you always paint the same thing or the same theme, it will not be difficult for you. When it is so simple that you have no sense of challenge at all, it means painting at this level is no longer possible for you to improve. If you want to improve and progress further, you have to increase the difficulty of drawing. But this difficulty should not be too far from the comfort zone, otherwise, you would not want to practice drawing because something hard to draw. Or you are unable to understand how to draw something and stuck on this problem so that you can’t make progress. Therefore, the best drawing training range is to go beyond the comfort zone, but not too much so that you can make your progress moderately!

You don’t use appropriate drawing references.

Some people rely too much on reference pictures, and some people don't want to rely on reference pictures. But no matter which kind, it is not good for drawing learning and training. Because references are used in training drawing and it is an important part of training drawing. All learning comes from observation and imitation, so the influence of references in learning drawing cannot be underestimated!

Relying too much on references instead of trying to create without it, it is easy for us to lack creative ability in the painting part. When we are used to looking at something to draw, it will make our heads blank if there is no reference pictures suddenly and we wouldn’t know how to draw. Just like a child who needs a walker to walk, suddenly he can’t walk without the walker. On the other hand, if we don’t want to be bound by reference pictures, just want to create from nothing, it is easy to limit our painting skills to a certain level.

In fact, imitation is the beginning of all skill learning. If we can imitate, observe, and learn from the references, and then integrate what we have learned from various references, we will improve our ability from references. In the learning process, we can also try to reduce the dependence on references according to our own learning situation. Occasionally let ourselves create something from nothing, or do extended creation through limited references to help us practice our creativity! Therefore, moderate use of references can help us to obtain greater improvement and progress in drawing skills and creativity!

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You don’t think when practicing drawing.

This problem is actually a big problem that many people don't notice when they practice drawing. Whether it's in the practice of copying, sketching, reference, etc., we can easily draw whatever we see when we draw it. When It becomes a reflex action, you will get used to drawing without thinking during practice drawing. As for copying homework, we all know that copying homework will not make us get good grades, but only learning and thinking can make our grades get better. So drawing is the same. No matter which practice you are doing, you have to try to make yourself thinking in the process. When we see the picture in front of us, try to think about how to compose the picture so that we draw the perspective we want to present, try to think about how to draw the anatomy to be more energetic, try to think about how to match colors to create the atmosphere we want... etc. Only in the process of practice, constantly thinking about how to make our work better, or when encountering difficulties, find out the problem, come up with different solutions, different ways of presentation, so that they can help us increase the ability to express in every drawing practice, but also to hone our own style!

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After reading the above 3 wrong drawing practices,

How many have you done?

In fact, these wrong drawing practices and habits,

Often hiding in our lives,

So few people will mention such subtle issues.

But because I have discovered that even if it seems a minor problem,

It still can affect the speed and extent of our drawing progress.

That's why I specifically list it to share with you.

When you are practicing drawing,

You can't make progress for a long time or get stuck,

In addition to mentality issues,

It is also likely to be a matter of these technical aspects!

So next, when you do drawing practice,

Pay attention to whether you have made bad habits,

Make adjustments as soon as possible, and progress in the drawing is no longer difficult!

I am so happy that you read this article. I hope this article will help you when you get stuck so that you can observe and discover the reasons why you get stuck during the drawing practice. Like mountain climbing, sometimes the road is easy to walk, and we are tired, but it doesn’t matter!!! You can comment below or use social media or mail to share your drawing practice experience and process with me, let us share the happiness, anger, sorrow, and progress together on the journey of anime drawing!

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