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4 Excuses Stop You Improve Drawing Skills

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

Want to stop drawing is not only happened for beginners.

In the process of painting, sometimes you get frustrated because you can't draw something, or no matter how to practice you just can't achieve the goal you want.

Unless you are already satisfied or you can't go ahead anymore.

Otherwise, there will be some unbreakable dilemmas at each stage.

So today, I want to discuss some excuses about stop drawing and how can we face these difficulties.

I have no talent

Usually, this is an excuse from a beginner. "Unfortunately I don't have a talent for it" "I really hope I have the talent for drawing" "I also want to have this talent" ... and so on. Those kinds of words are a humiliation to someone who can draw, especially to the masters! Kim Jung-Gi (2:55)may want to glare at you! Drawing is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced. Otherwise why Larime Taylor can draw a comic with his mouth? So there is no excuse for you, right? Anyone who can be a success in an industry is mostly not the one who is talented, but the one who sticks to the end. So when you think you can't paint well because you don't have talent. Please list the possible reasons as “I don't work enough” or “I work in the wrong way”. Talent can't be the reason for success or failure! After all, your efforts will make you draw the picture in your mind.

It's too late to learn drawing

There is no limit to learning. Learning something well or not is according to your attitude and nothing to do with age. Age actually affect or prevent us from learning certain skills, such as physical fitness, but as drawing, as long as you can write with your hand, you can see with your eyes, it's not a big problem no matter how old you are as long as you want to learn. Even 70 years old elder can learn a new language, so you learn and draw well or not is nothing to do with how old you are.

I can't draw no matter how hard I tried

Sometimes you feel frustrated because you can't draw something, or you can't achieve the goal in your mind no matter how to practice. Unless you are already satisfied, otherwise there will be some unbreakable dilemmas at each stage. Some cuties may stop drawing because of it. When you notice that you can't draw well no matter how hard you try to draw. There are two possibilities, "you learn drawing with the wrong way" or "you need to take a rest". If "you learn drawing with the wrong way", ask predecessors would be a convenient way. If you are a shy person, it's a good way that finding out work for study or purchase courses from the master who you like. There must be masters who are powerful and teach the topic you want to learn. I like to buy some creator's teaching or course to watch. If "you need to rest", it means that you may care about your own works too much and you are too stressed. According to some studies, when a person is in the middle of the comfort zone and the pressure zone, it would be the best situation for people to improve themselves. So try to get yourself out of the pressure environment first. Do something else to distract, relax for a while, and then return to the pen and paper, you would find that it seems you know how to make your painting better!

I'm afraid I can't draw well

You are afraid of drawing worse because you don't have confidence in your own ability and what other people think. In short, you are afraid of failure. But it's impossible that you can draw well when you were born. It must start with bad works. After one by one, and finally, your effort becomes the result today. So if you are afraid of failure, try to tell yourself "I would know how to succeed by the failure experience" "This painting is not good, just draw the next one, and then drawing again and again. Someday it will be well!" Give yourself a chance to fail and accept the current deficiencies. Only if it, then you are able to draw with excitement and expectance. It will be easier to draw a good work!

What causes you to stop your hand when you want to draw?

Comment below or share with me with social media or mail!!!

Drawing is a long journey, sometimes it's joy, enjoyment, sometimes it's stress, challenge.

But anyway, it should be exciting when you want to draw.

You shouldn't be blocked by these excuses and fear.

So if you want to draw, just do it!

Looking forward to seeing the works from you.

I am also happy that you read this article, hope it would help you!

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