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5 Misunderstandings About Buying Digitizer or Digital Tablet For Beginners

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

A lot of beginners who want to learn digital drawing may be entangled in the question ''Should I get a digitizer? ''

Before drawing with a digitizer, there are several important pieces of information that you need to evaluate first.

It's better to decide whether to buy it.

So I will share some conceptions about digital drawing with you so that you can more clearly understand whether you should start with digital drawing now.

PS. At the end of this article, there are 10 free Photoshop brushes for you, so that you can add different effects and fun when painting!

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1. As long as I can draw, I can use a digitizer.

In principle, there is nothing wrong with this concept, but drawing is about knowledge skill, and using tools is another manual skill. Knowledge skills can be used for all kinds of tools, there is nothing wrong. But manual skill is not actually. You can draw with a pencil, but it does not mean that you can draw with watercolors. So before using a digitizer, make sure you know how to draw with drawing software.

2. Digitizer saves more money than buying traditional painting tools.

If you are a person who can use digitizer to draw a lot of pictures, the long-term estimated cost will be cheaper than traditional painting tools. But if you are not using expensive painting tools and pigment for a long time, and the frequency of drawing is not high, or when you buy a digitizer, you find that you are not used to drawing with it and freeze it. In fact, buying a digitizer may be more expensive and wasteful than buying traditional painting tools.

3. There are more and more convenient optional drawing than hand-drawn, so it is easier to learn.

Painting software is a powerful tool for many creators. It provides countless tools and color choices. You can recover after you make a mistake, you can freely enlarge and reduce the size of your work, you can copy any picture ... and so on. Compared with hand-drawn, digital drawing is more convenient and simple, and even versatile as an artist's head. As long as you have digitizer and painting software, the picture that you want to present in your head will be automatically shown on the screen! In fact, this is the wrong idea. Does digital drawing make the painting process more convenient? Yes, but is it easy to learn painting? No. As we mentioned before, before using a digitizer, you must know how to use painting software, otherwise, you may even don't know how to set the file size. You have to know how to use color, otherwise, you would don't know where to start when thousands of color in front of you. You have to get used to the same feeling when you use all different brushes in digital drawing, and the size on the screen compared to the actual size ... and so on. Knowledge and skills are needed in digital drawing, so compared with hand-drawn, digital drawing is not so easy for you to learn and draw good work. It can only be said that the principle of painting knowledge is the same. But the skills to use the tools are different.

4. Hand-drawn is are, and digital drawing is not.

Digital drawing is so powerful that many traditional creators consider it an unfair tool. After all, in traditional painting, creators have to consider the characteristics of different painting materials. Compared to digital creators, they don't need to understand the characteristics and knowledge of painting materials, and they can easily draw a variety of effects with only a computer and digitizer. This is an ideal tool for lazy people! How can becoming an artist be so easy! So digital drawing cannot be regarded as real art! It's the art that depends on cheating! But this is a very big misunderstanding because there is no difference between the nature of painting and the required knowledge and skills. The only difference is the way how we use those tools. Art is not an object, so it will not be defined by tools. The key to defining work is art or not is how the creator puts the things into the work from his head.

5. With a digitizer, I can draw like a master.

Speaking of painting, do you have anything in common with Da Vinci or Michelangelo? It's that you don't have a digitizer! The difference between you and them is that they didn't attribute their creations to tools. In their era, there are few painting tools, but they could create great and long-lasting works. How did they make it? They used the knowledge and skills they have, just it! They refine their knowledge and skills of painting and continue to learn, research, try and practice, and finally, they used simple or few tools to create masterpieces.

So please don't equate your ability with tools. The point is how you think about and learn to paint. A shortage of funds and tools cannot be an excuse for you to draw poorly. People who can't drive can't be a racer because he has a ten million sports car. So before you want to become a master, improve your ability is more important than buying tools.

After sharing 5 misunderstandings about buying digitizer, do you have any other questions about this part?

Comments below, or communicate with me with social media or mail!

I am happy that you read this article, I hope it would help you!

Whether it's a hand-drawn or digital painting, I'm looking forward to seeing the works from you!

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