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How Ink Painters Show The Beauty Of Oriental Ink Painting In Anime Drawing

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow

In the field of ink brush painting

No one is more famous than Japanese Inoue Takehiko and South Korean Kim Jung-Gi

But there are more and more painters who use ink to draw comics

With the vigorous development of various industries and awareness to revive and preserve culture in China

The painters who use ink are so much, it can be said to be full of flowers

Some even paint comics with composite materials and little ink

Therefore, I would like to introduce three painters who are specialized in ink painting and share my observations and experiences with you

Let's see how each painter shows his or her unique style of painting through ink!


His comic "Swordscat" is famous lately. The entire serial comics are all painted with water and ink, so it is easy to attract attention among many comic works!

In his ink paintings, the colored part is not watercolor, but ink pigments. According to what he said, the color rendering of ink pigments will be more elegant, and watercolor is too vivid.

And He likes the effect of ink pigments. In the whole work, my favorite is that he painted the cat with ink, and always painted the charm of the cat so handsome!

Chen uen(Taiwan)

Chen uen was born in Taoyuan, Taiwan. It can be said that he is the national treasure in Taiwan. The presentation of paintings can be said to be the most vivid. The wildness and delicateness of the picture are always precisely, it’s a special and cautious style.

But it’s a pity that he died of myocardial infarction in 2017 at the age of 58. I have seen the exhibition after he died. For each of his works, I could see the details of the pen. Stood in front of each piece of his work, I exclaimed loudly and admired in my heart. I wanted to take all of them home for reference!!!

During that time, I was puzzled by the question, "How many references paints need to rely on?" When visiting Chen uen's exhibition, I saw a photo that Chen uen was painting. Almost the same as the photo I share with you. When he draws pictures, there are several references posted around his work. And he is middle-aged in that photo. This photo completely answers my question "whether you can draw a large scene without reference as Kim Jung-Gi or you referring to photos and drawing delicate works as Chen uen. Creator has his own way to create his works. If the work can move people, why should we care about the steps in the process?"


Zaodao is an ink painter whom I admire so much. In 2015, she published her first painting album "Song of sylvan", a masterpiece of her work for two years. Before she worked with it, she saved money and decided to resign. She painted and traveled in Qinghai, Tibet, Yunnan, Guizhou, and other places.

It is why her work was filled with the beauty of Chinese natural scenery. The work reflects the growth and experience of painting in the two years. The elements of her painting are full of ghosts and beasts. The eastern wildness and spirituality that radiate naturally are completely different from the magical feelings of western magic. Her works show the quiet beauty in the eastern culture.

From the painting background, in addition to showing the free atmosphere from Zaodao, the detailed characterization of the characters also shows Zaodao's delicate depiction of details!

After seeing many of her works, many people may think that she learned from the field of ink painting. But according to her personal expression, she learns it by herself.

She just used to use ink brush and ink since she was a child, even never learned Chinese painting. Don't discuss traditional techniques with her, because she just draws doodles!

There are many ways can express with a tool, it all depends on how the people use it.

As we see these three ink painters, they have their own way of expression in their works, because style is how you present what you want to convey through your works as a person.

Just like the way you talk, what you wear, what you do.

External knowledge, technology and drawing style can be learned, but the internal style, cultivation, and temperament are difficult to learn.

After a brief introduction to the three ink painters, did you find that each painter has his or her own advantage to learn? I am happy that you read this article. I hope it will help some beginners who want to try ink painting, it will not make you feel lonely because there are few painters who paint ink. If you know other great ink painters, please tell me in the comment below or use social media or mail to share with me! I also want to know more unique painters. If your own work is very self-styled, you can also share it with me! Looking forward to seeing your new works!

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