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The rule of drawing Anime cute head!? After reading the article, you will learn to draw a cute head

Hi cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

After I share the proportion of human head last time, some cuties told to me that they want to know how to draw the head as in japan comic as well. So I want to share with you today is the average proportion of manga head or cute head.

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Why do the characters of Japanese manga always have big eyes that almost cover their half face? But people still love it so much? The rounder the eyes, the more watery, fans more love and willing to pay more money. What is the secret hidden in the face of cute cartoon characters? How they make so many people go crazy and follow?

If you want others to surrender to your cute character. You have to let yourself indulge in your cute drawing first. Today, I will share knowledge about cute or the average proportion of manga head. Let us enjoy it on paper and draw a cute head.

Before you draw a cute head. First of all, we have to understand the proportion of facial features in children's faces. Because we know the cuteness of a child is well known. According to this reference proportion

You can do extensions and applications. And it will help you to grab the cute proportions. If you are not used to reading articles. You can check out the video on my Youtube channel.