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Shouldn't put your bad works online? Says who?

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

Recently, I found many cuties who like to draw and publish their works on the Internet. Sometimes they get some criticisms because of their bad works and even get some attacks. As a result, some cuties got hurt. Some cuties seldom publish their works online, some of them stop drawing forever…

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So I want to share a few insights about different aspects.

1.About the bad works online:

Whether you paint well or not, you dare to publish your works to the public is a kind of courage that you willing to share your works with others. And I believe that people who create, in addition to expressing their emotions/ideas/opinions, etc., also have the motivation to share with others. Otherwise, their works are hidden in their room, it’s really boring, right? Moreover, after the work is published on the Internet, the pressure they are faced is not small. If no one looks at it, you would feel lonely and disappointed. Some people look at it, but they leave awkward words, it’s as they cut your heart. So when you are willing to share your work with others and share yourself, please give yourself a compliment and thanks! You are really wonderful!!!

2.About the poor quality and content of works online(completely unfounded works or untargeted works are not in the scope of discussion):

About the quality of the work and the quality of the content, the key is the basis of the viewer's judgment? So good or bad is not absolute.

About quality:

If people just feel ugly, the reason may be personal preference, each person's preferences are different, your work can't satisfy everyone's preferences, then respect others' feelings, don't need to be sad for that; if people feel your work isn't complete, it means that they use the completion of the work to judge your work, but sometimes you may just practice. If you don't want to draw a complete work, why should you care about the criticism from others? If it is the guidance and advice of the painting technique, then, of course, we can listen to the suggestions and make some corrections and attempts. Maybe there will be different effects.

Let's understand the key points behind others' judgments first, and then think about what is the inadequacy in your work and you can improve so that you can effectively use these criticisms and advice to help your skills and creativity. It would help to improve the quality of your work and you wouldn't hinder your love for drawing because of some superficial criticism.

About content:

An illustration is usually without content, so what we're talking about here is the illustrations or comics with content.

If a person feels that your content is boring, usually you would not receive any feedback, because people will automatically ignore it; but if you receive praise or criticism for the content, then first of all, congratulations, at least you attract attention! People basically only care about what they want to care about. So your content is good or bad, usually, the key is whether your content is related to others, or whether you have the interest, feeling, and resonance to connect with others. In terms of works with bad content that people would criticize most as movies, dramas, animations, etc. After all, it takes time to read or watch. People see a story or the ending that they don't like, it means the work wastes their time or pay. It is even more sinful than everyone said: "draw a bad work to hurt people's eyes"! But It's really not easy to create good content. How do say? The technique of drawing can be practiced, but the quality of the content is related to the creator's personal style, observation, opinion, and the depth of their thought, etc. It requires more life experience, so if you want to increase the quality of content, it is necessary to experience your life with your heart.

3.About you get criticism online:

If the creator makes a stupid statement, I will not comment more. But if the creator gets criticism or attack after they just share their works. Cuties, please hold on! I am here ok? Don't commit suicide, don't stop drawing. Why Naruto can be a Hokage today? Ask yourself why you draw? Do you draw for the praise of others or for the love of drawing? If you don't commit suicide because someone says you are ugly, why should you stop drawing because someone says your works are ugly? No one can stop you from pursuing love, only you, so dear cuties, don't let criticism and negative voices brainwash you, let you think that you can't do it. Finally who put you down is not someone else, but is you!!

4.About you get encouraged from angel online

Finally, it comes to the part where the pressure is not so big. If you are encouraged by others on the Internet, congratulations! Cherish it! Because it's the nutrient to your creation. After all, creating is hard work. Whether it is good or bad, this is the result of your own life, time, and sweat. If your work is not good enough, and get the encouragement and sincere advice from little angels, thank them! Because of their encouragement and advice so that you are not alone on the road to creating!

The result of the publication online should not become a stumbling block that hinders you from continuing to draw. Pick up the pen and sway it!! Paint it for your soul and life! If you are disappointed at your work or feel lonely or need some encouragement. Welcome to tell me in the comment below or connect to me with social media or mail. I hope to give you some encouragement and help you to improve your works and increase your confidence! Of course, I am looking forward to your works are published online!

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