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The key to develop your drawing style

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow

We finally got through the hardest part of "How to Learn to Draw II - From Graffiti to Thinking"

I believe that you all have the skills and also saw the beautiful scenery across the mountains.

Is it beginning to feel like you've mastered the art of painting a little bit?

The more confident you are in your skills,

It should be more individualized in your works

It's time to talk about style!!!!!

Are you excited??? Are you ready??

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What is style?

Style is an art concept. As the name implies, "the work presents a representative appearance as a whole." After you have mastered a certain skill, this skill is your tool. Use it. Before you can master the skill, it is not recommended that you refuse the opportunity to learn from other masters in order to pursue your personal style. Even if you do not see your own style at this stage, it doesn't matter. After you can control the skill, others will be able to see your style from your consistent and stable work with your life experience and drawing skills!

Your favorite style comes from your personal aesthetics

There is something people like and dislike, and the reasons for them are often unaware of us. This is reflected in the aesthetics of each of us. In fact, it is mostly related to our personal thoughts, concepts, attitudes, and cultivation. This part cannot be taught by education. In the aspect of education, educators can only let everyone know what the intention behind the creators is, and it makes them understand, learn and appreciate. It's caused our preferences to stay at a low class without a large amount of learning and understanding of works of various styles. It would hardly help us to achieve a higher level of breakthrough in creative expression and showing our style in our works.

Personal style comes from the expression of ability and self-character

When a creator creates a work, the cells in his brain are constantly calculating and operating. Each of us has a different way of doing things, a way of speaking, a way of creating, and a way of expression. Behind the decisions we make are all related to our life experiences and personality. But when the technical level can't keep up with the picture we want to express in our mind, it also leads to insufficient mastery of the consistency of the work and difficulty to become a style. So if the foundation of skills is strong, we can control the stability and exert sufficient performance ability when we paint!

Development of personal style

Many people who study painting actually care about how to develop their own personal style. After all, we all hope that our work can be different from others, be able to express ourselves, and stand out. but according to what we talked about earlier, cultivation of style is nothing more than improving personal technical ability, always maintaining a humble attitude, studying a lot, observing and experiencing your own life experience, and increasing self-understanding. These seem to be old-fashioned experiences, and the general direction, rather than the step-by-step operation. Actually, it's the most difficult to achieve, because there is no specific rule telling you what you must do to show your personal style. But because of this, the elusive nature of creation makes people so immersed and fascinated!

There is a way to practice external technology, but the inner mentality, ideas, style, etc. We can only learn by ourselves. Educators can only guide. There aren't specific rules or steps to follow. Actually, this is the deepest effort.

But exploring outwards is always more specific than looking inward. It makes people always look at the material and results outward. And it's easy to overlook the more important inner essence. In fact, building the right ideas and mindset internally are more likely to ensure that they are on the right path. Less likely to be affected by external environmental and physical influences

While wasting time, energy, and resources.

Have you had some concepts about the cultivation of style? Now that you have drawing skill, you can also try to create your own work! If you have any thoughts and ideas during the process of creating, please feel free to comment below or use social media or mail to share with me! I am happy that you read this article, I hope it help you! Hope you can enjoy the joy of the process during your journey of creating, and see your deepest look in the final work. I also look forward to seeing the new works from you guys!!!

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