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Painting barriers? Why do you fail to draw after learning the basic drawing skills?

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

In fact, a lot of people who learn to draw will encounter a very painful and disturbing thing.

That is, after learning the basic drawing skills,

In theory, it should be a great leap forward in painting and an explosion of the progress of painting skills.

But why the more you learn, the worse you paint?

So today I want to explain to you,

What is the reason for you to learn painting knowledge, but painting is not good?

After reading this article,

You will know the characteristics of basic skills,

And when learning basic drawing skills but not good at drawing, how to improve the situation of painting regression.

And know how to learn to paint to make you progress rather than regress!

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Did you learn the basic drawing skills wrong? Or did not practice drawing correctly?

You may think, “Do I learn the wrong knowledge? Do I practice in the wrong way?” No! Incorrect learning and wrong practice are indeed the main reasons for the inability to improve in drawing, but if you put aside the knowledge that is not helpful to you, or stops the wrong drawing practice method, continue to draw with the drawing method you are used to. Generally speaking, drawing abilities will still be maintained at a certain level, the painting will not be bad, or even be signs of regression in painting.

If you learn more, it should be better to make progress, but on the contrary, you draw badly. This is weird, right? What's more, after you learn and practice the important skills knowledge, you should show your improvement in painting skills. However, after spending time learning and practicing, it makes your drawing a little backward. What happened? It's time to talk about the principle of learning basic skills!

The characteristics of basic skills

If you want to talk about the basic skills, you can imagine, like the foundation of a house, the more stable the foundation, the higher the house can be built. From the appearance, the foundation is invisible, so sometimes your foundation and basic skills are stable, but if you don’t play out, in other words, is if the building on the ground is not built up, you don’t know how high a building can be supported by the solid foundation!

The basic painting skills you learn and practice will not quickly help you draw amazing works. It is not a shortcut, but as a foundation, hidden in your work, how thick is your basic drawing skills, The level of your work will exude so much delicate performance and beauty. This is the characteristic of basic skills!

And this is why after learning the basic skills of painting, you can't immediately see the progress of your painting, but this does not mean that you have not made progress, but that you have not noticed that you have made progress. Of course, after learning the basic skills, the painting skills haven’t been improved, or it’s really just no progress, it’s really difficult to distinguish the two situations. But one thing that is certain is that after the basic drawing skills have been learned correctly, the main reason why you still paint badly is: The sign before the progress of painting is regression!

You may feel it strange, why does painting regress before it improves? Next, while telling you two ways to improve this phenomenon, I will also explain to you the reason why "painting will regress before it improves."

After learning the basic drawing skills, self-defeating after painting failure

When we learn the basic drawing skills, such as anatomy, perspective, color, etc., we will have this knowledge. At this time, it is only a form of knowledge in our minds. We have to try and practice so that we can transform the knowledge to be skilled. But in the process of trying and practicing, we will be unfamiliar and unaccustomed, or we have to let go of the wrong drawing habits at first. So when applying this knowledge to paintings, there may be some failures process, it will appear that your paintings are more regressive than normal performances. During this trial and training process, we will feel disappointed by the seemingly regressive works and the inability to improve our painting skills at this stage. If we are affected by the temporary regression at this stage, then we will not be able to break through this level, and it is likely to stagnate here. So if you don’t want to last the decline too long after learning the basic drawing skills, it is recommended that you do not be affected by these regressions and jams for too long. Take these frustrations down. Continuous and intensive correct learning and practice will make you more quickly convert knowledge into skills, and you can shorten the time that the phenomenon of regression before progress!

Don't be bound by the knowledge and rules of basic drawing skills

In addition to the unfamiliar practice after just learning painting knowledge will make us feel regressed, another dilemma that makes us feel regressive, stuck, and difficult to break through for a long time is that you are always bound by "the correct of knowledge" when drawing. It means that after you have learned basic skills such as anatomy and perspective when you are drawing, it is easy to get entangled in the correctness of these proportions, perspectives, or knowledge. As a result, it makes your paintings look stiff and rigid.

The difference between art and mathematics is that art is not absolutely rational and regular like mathematics and technology. When we draw pictures with absolutely correct concepts, paintings don't look so alive. If painting is a form of communication and expression, it's like people communicating, using the same language and grammar, but the way that everyone speaks is different, so painting is the same. In the general principles of basic drawing skills, you can still have your own changes and ways of expression. So after learning the basic drawing skills at the beginning, you may want to paint "correctly", which will cause the painting to appear rigid, it doesn't matter! Tell yourself what knowledge and rules you want to experience first. After you slowly understand this painting knowledge, try to use them to help you break through the shackles of this knowledge and rules when drawing. Try, explore and have fun with more different changes, rather than unrestrained and thoughtless doodles. When you are free from the knowledge and rules of these basic drawing skills, you will see your progress!

After understanding the reasons why you regressed after learning the basic drawing skills,

Do you feel less frustrated and anxious?

In fact, after learning painting knowledge,

When you practice drawing,

Seeing places where you can’t draw well or feel regressive,

The first thing is not to feel lost, frustrated, and give up,

Instead, you should first accept the poor painting at this stage.

Know where your problem is,

And challenge yourself to draw the bad parts after learning, until you breakthrough!

This can shorten the time of temporary regressions and barriers after learning the basic drawing skills.

Let you see your progress earlier!

I am so happy that you finish reading this article. I believe you see this article because of the drawing barriers. If in the process of practicing drawing, there are other special reasons that make your drawing barriers, unsatisfactory, frustrating, please comment below or use social media or mail to share with me! Drawing is like a game without the last level. Unless you want to stop, you can always play. So never give up enjoying the fun of the later levels because of temporary setbacks. Maybe these are a lot of treasures, they are waiting for you to explore and collect!

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