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Artbat digital drawing competition!The experience and tips of competition

Hi, I am Comic black rainbow!!!

After seeing an advertisement for an online drawing competition on Instagram a few months ago.

I just signed up.

Originally I was an alternate artist, but there was an artist who couldn't participate in the competition with time so that I could join this competition.

The process is really interesting, draw topics in the online competition, and artists have 3-5 minutes to think about the ideas.

There is a time limit of 20 minutes to finish the drawing!

After participating in a few rounds at that time, I made the final!!!

I also experienced what is called the pleasure of drawing and the highest state of drawing concentration.

Today, I want to try to finish the painting in the Artbat finals and see how much time it will take to complete it after painting.

In the painting process, I will also share with you some of the tips I learned from this competition.

If you still have a little confidence in your drawing, you can try to sign up!

In fact, creating with limited time to stimulate your creativity and drawing ability is also an exercise.

If you want to improve your painting skills, you can practice drawing for a limited time.

You will find that painting in a limited time is not as difficult as you imagined!

What is Artbat

There is a digital drawing competition from Hong Kong. Artists can register with Artbat to participate in it. After being reviewed by Artbat, the artists can participate! During the competition, Artbat will draw the topic online or on-site. The artists have 3-5 minutes to brainstorm. Artists must use digital painting to complete the painting within a time limit of 20 minutes. During the competition, there is a DJ playing on-site. Online audiences can enjoy the complete painting creation process. After the competition, the audience can also vote for their favorite works. At the same time, Artbat will access the artist's creative ideas, so that the judges will be easy at scoring. There can be more information as the basis for scoring, and the final winning artist can be selected!

After a brief introduction to Artbat, I will share with you the experience, talks, and insights from this round of competitions, hoping that you can use it as a reference for participating in similar competitions!

First of all, the scores from the top to the bottom are "creative, composition, color, technique, speed, style, audience vote". Although these are used as the basis for judging, there are three points that I think are very important.

1. Painting works that have nothing to do with the topic:

Although the reason is very simple, in such a high-pressure competition, many people will choose to paint beautiful works that they are good at when they pick up a topic they are not good at painting. For example, artists who often draw figures would be overwhelmed when they draw the topic as animals, machinery, architecture..., and then think about how to match the topic with the subject that they are good at painting. Usually, if the judges cannot accept the creative concept, the score will be relatively low. So don't choose to simply use your own advantages and draw works that have nothing to do with the topic of the competition because of the limited time.

2. The point is not to paint like the topic, but to express:

This point is an extension of the first tip. In fact, don't be afraid to draw things you are not good at. Painting does not have to be like a certain thing or a certain subject. When you want to be a painter, you have to be good at how to hide your shortcomings and show your advantages. After you study the paintings of many painters, you will find that many painters are actually very good at showing their advantages. Even they paint something they are not good at, they can also rely on their skills, tones, composition to hide the parts they are not good at and create an atmosphere in the painting. So don't be afraid to paint what you are not good at, even if you are not good at it, but you must be able to express it in your own way!

3. You have to finish your painting:

In fact, when participating in such limited-time competitions, whether it is a painter or a chef, craftsmanship, assembly, etc., the taboo is that you have to complete our work. Once the completeness is not enough, even if you make one of the details perfect, the overall score still can't get high scores, so in any case, in this kind of limited-time drawing competition, you must first draw the overall picture, and then engrave the details to ensure that when the time is up, there will be no obvious unfinished parts!

The focus of most people participating in the competition is of course hope to win, but if they can enjoy the process, it is actually nothing more than an interesting experience. Do your best in every game! Even if you don't get the final victory, you know the difference in abilities between yourself and others, let you know clearly how you can strengthen and improve your drawing skill, make your own abilities and painting skills improve. At the same time, through a variety of game experience, you can also observe every key point that you need to pay attention to in the competition, as well as the tips and tricks to improve your score, will help you win the game repeatedly! I am very happy that you can read this article and hope it helps you! If you have any questions or ideas, welcome to ask me. If you have any painting-related competition experience, welcome to share with me!!

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