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7 reasons why novices shouldn't miss the digital painting

Hi, I am Comic black rainbow!!!

If you are a cutie who is hesitant to start playing digital painting, then I can be sure that you must be a beginner!

Usually, there are two kinds of beginners, one is just spending money before you know how to do it, another is just hesitated before doing it.

No matter what kind of beginner you are, it is not a good thing.

If you are a beginner who spends money before doing it, I suggest that you read the article I wrote before: Digital art or traditional art? Which one would be better for beginners?

But if you are a beginner who hesitates before doing it, that's great! Today this article is written for you!

Because I want to share with you today, why should we not miss the fun painting media of digital painting!!!

PS. At the end of this article, there are 10 free Photoshop brushes for you, so that you can add different effects and fun when painting!

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One digital painting equipment is worth thousands of traditional media

As the name implies, digital drawing is that drawing with a computer, and the equipment of digital drawing is actually a computer with a digitizer and a digital pen. With the rapid increase in the demand for digital drawing in recent years, more and more portable computers or tablets are also built-in with the function of drawing, just need to buy an extra digital pen to start your drawing journey! Compared with many traditional media, you also need to prepare a variety of painting tools and materials, and you need to buy when the materials are used up. A computer and a digital pen can save you for several years without changing tools, making it easy to draw what you want. It was difficult for you and I to imagine 20 years ago, not to mention that for the painters of earlier times, it is even more fantastic. You live in this era and like to draw pictures. What are you waiting for? Why should we miss such a good tool?

Learn one skill, draw thousands of effects

If you are using traditional painting tools, you must understand the characteristics of a variety of different media, such as watercolor, you need to understand the characteristics of water-based paints; for oil painting, you need to understand the characteristics of oil paints, and acrylic, colored pencils, and pastels as well …You must understand the nature and use of different media. Besides, you must also learn how to use them and practice your skills in drawing with these tools. If you have to learn all the media and be proficient with them, you have to pay your energy and time required will be longer. But if you are using digital painting, there is only one skill you have to learn, which is the use of the software. After you learn how to use the software, no matter what kind of visual effects your painting needs, you can easily make it through drawing software!

Infinite colors, infinite texture

If you are using traditional dry media, such as pastels or colored pencils, and you want to have a variety of different colors, you may collapse just by purchasing materials. While water-based or oil-based media, although you can mix any color you want by mixing colors, if you are not familiar with color mixing, it will also make you spend a lot of time and pigment on color mixing. But digital drawing does not have this trouble. There are almost unlimited colors for you to choose on the software color wheel, and the brush can also be selected according to your personal needs which texture brush you want to use for drawing, not like the traditional one, all kinds of brushes and color pigments must be purchased. In addition to brushes and colors, there is a more convenient point for digital painting is that if you don't want to paint, you can also use collage to create a variety of different visual textures!

Transform at will, copy infinitely

If it is a traditional medium, most of our paintings are fixed, and it is necessary to scale up, and you need to re-ratio to draw. Not only is it time-consuming, but also laborious, but the digital drawing software can make your paintings easy to enlarge, zoom out, even change the angle, adjust the deformation, and copy infinitely. You can do this huge task in a few seconds without time-consuming and labor-consuming. It is really convenient!

It's not heartache to draw wrong, and it's not NG to modify

In the past, when drawing with ordinary paper and pen, especially in the process of learning to draw, we were very easy to encounter drawing mistakes, and when the drawing was not good, we would want to correct it. At this time, we would smear it and wipe it with an eraser, but sometimes, the paper is broken… And the watercolor painting is difficult to cover and correct, resulting in a painting that may be good, but it is difficult to modify because of a mistake in one place, resulting in damage to the finished product. At this time, you will also feel very sad... But after using the digital painting, you only have to tap the recovery shortcut key, any mistakes will disappear, allowing you to start over again! You won’t be heartbroken because of wrong paintings, continuous wasting of media, or short-term mistakes that damage the entire work when you are almost to finish.

Shorten creative time

If you use traditional wet media, you usually have to wait for it to dry. If it’s water-based media, it may dry faster, but if it’s oily or acrylic, you need to wait for it to dry for a little long time. So it will take a long time to draw a work. But if you are using a computer to draw, because all the tasks are on the same computer and software, and the time for modification and waiting is directly omitted, this will relatively save us a lot of working time when drawing, and make drawing become more efficient!

Image editing, unlimited creativity

Although it does not mean that hand-painted things cannot be edited or made into physical objects, but the traditional way is indeed more troublesome. Now with drawing software, if we want to print images on books, cards, stickers, packaging, acrylic pendants, etc. have become easy and free. As long as we send the files to some customizable printing company, these companies can help us make the products we want!

After the benefits of digital painting are listed above, do you feel moved?

As far as I know, some painters who are accustomed to traditional media will think of digital painting as a lazy and sinful tool.

I am not a person who likes to follow trends, but if the tools that make it convenient for you, why not try to learn and understand?

If it can help us create more efficiently, I think no tool should be considered as a lazy tool.

So if you want to try to draw more efficiently, don't miss digital painting!

I am so happy that you read this article. I hope this article can help you better understand the help and benefits of digital painting for our drawing! Of course, after reading this article, it can't be just like this! Hurry up to see what kind of digital painting tool is more suitable for you, prepare the tools, and start your digital painting journey now! If you have any questions or ideas, please comment below or use social media or mail to communicate with me! I look forward that you share your experience of the digital painting journey with me!

Finally, here is the 10 free Photoshop brushes for you!!!😘😘😘


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4. Check your mail and download the file, import it into Photoshop, and enjoy it!!!




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