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This tip can solve the problem of the drain of inspiration and burst your creativity!!!

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

Many creators have the same experience, that’s the time to meet the "drain of inspiration".

Just like a painter looks at a piece of paper and doesn’t know what to draw.

Or a writer looks at a manuscript sheet and don’t know what to write.

When someone asks you to draw "anything" that you think of, is there such a moment that a blank in your head?

So I want to share why is it not freedom, but restrictions that can explode your ideas with you today!!!

Creativity is hidden in limited time and ability

Anyone who has used Photoshop's blending mode will know what I'm talking about. This feature can add many effects to your work. These are many powerful features. But when I first used this effect, it just took me a lot of time to choose which effect to use. When you can use them from all options, it is difficult for you to have any ideas. If you don't know what you want, it turns into a guessing game, but creativity is nothing to do with guessing.

We always say that infinite means a lot of possibilities. This is not wrong. However, each of us has limited time and ability, before completing the goal of creativity, as long as there is one more ability and choice have to be mastered in the process, it will be more difficult to achieve the goal. You will never know which result is the best, so you must try and test all choices. If testing and trying is not your purpose, it will waste your time. You want to make your work good though many attempts, but the result is usually nothing. So we should put the development of creativity on a point- your purpose.

If you are in prison with only a pencil and some inferior paper, you can't try other tools at all. Then you will spend all your time and energy to master the only tool you have, and your ability is very likely beyond those wealthy creators with all kinds of painting tools.

Infinite creativity eventually needs to be a limited goal and result

When you race in the vast forest, you don't know which way is the way to the finish line, so you need to go through each path until you find the way. But in this case, most people will not find anything, because no one set a finish line in this race! So if you want to get creative, either others or you have to set an endpoint so that you know where you need to go.

You can try it, when someone asks you to draw three-piece of paper of "any" things that you think of, what do you see in your works? After that, please draw a picture based on three elements, cat, milk, and a killer. Do you have a picture in your head now? This is why the restriction is so important in creativity, otherwise, your work is likely to enter a cycle that can never be completed. So next time if you are not inspired, try to give yourself some restrictions, such as limiting the time to complete the work, limiting materials you can choose from, setting the theme ... and so on. Maybe what you created at the beginning is not satisfactory, you may think the reasons are insufficient time, insufficient materials, difficult themes, etc. But it is always normal to feel insufficient. After a lot of practice and experimentation, you will find that you can slowly show some creative performance from the restrictions, and even the efficiency of creating has been greatly improved!

Creativity is not taken from infinity.

In fact, it comes from limited.

Painting is copying and reconstructing reality rather than creating things.

Painting is composed of non-existent lines.

Only our ideas can make them real.

Because creation is not "create new thing" but to create the image of things and reinterpret the appearance of things.

I am happy that you read this article. Creativity is not from talent. Those who say "I have no talent for drawing" are the people who make excuses for not interested in it or they don’t want to brainstorm. So when you are not inspired, don't be affected by these unintentional words or think that you have no talent. In fact, everyone has the ability to create, it just needs tips to practice it! In the end, if you have any questions or opinions, please feel free to tell me in the comment below or use social media or mail to share with me! I hope you can develop a creative skill that can be used at any time and anywhere.




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