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How to ask to get the essence from masters

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

Today I want to share how to ask so that you can get the essence from the master with you.

But before we discuss this, I'm going to ask you to stop asking the master what the tools they use.

When you read this, you may think "What? I can't ask a question what tools they use, so stingy!"

In fact, it is not a bad thing to ask painters with this question.

But if you draw with the same pen for a long time, and you have answered the question publicly many times or answered many times what the pen you draw with, but every time in the interview, people still ask the same question.

I don't know how you feel?

Let's take a look at the response of Kim Jung-Gi (02:41) who is a national treasure painter in Korea.

In fact, it's really uncomfortable that you are asked the same question so many times, right?

Today we are not talking about that you are asked by the same question many times, instead, we are talking about why we need to stop this question and how should we ask a question.

Why stop asking "what's the pen you draw with ?"

For those who can draw, the quality of the materials may affect the results of the work, but what tools are used to draw a picture is definitely not the key factor for the master to become a master. The materials used by the masters are basically the painting tools that we can buy in daily life. It's like many beginners look for PS brushes from masters on the Internet. They imagine that they would have master skills and they can draw as good as a master with the brushes. But it's an illusion!!! Most people who ask what the pen master use don't care about the process and experience behind masters. It's like they attribute the master skills to a pen. It's like you ate delicious beef noodles. Instead of asking the chef about the ingredients and cooking process, you asked him what spoon to use to stir the soup pot! In fact, transforming what Archimedes said: "Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the Earth." In the matter of painting, "give a master a pen, he can create a masterpiece." Archimedes was able to say because he fully understands the principle of the lever. The master of painting can create masterpieces because he fully understands the basics of creation and the principles of painting. If you are not good at hand-drawn, it wouldn't different even if the master gives you the whole set of tools he uses? Painting tools such as pigment and brushes are just a medium for bringing the image data in your brain into the real world. Whether you draw well or not has nothing to do with the tools you use, because the point is not on the tools, but on the users who use the tools!

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Asking a question is also knowledge. Just as you search for "how to draw digital painting" on the Internet? You may learn how to draw with a digitizer, but you will not learn how to draw. So I share a few things with you to think and pay attention to when you ask questions to help you ask good questions and learn from masters.

1. Before asking, think about what you lack.

Don't know how to choose and use tools? Don't know where to start? Don't have motivation and enthusiasm for drawing? No inspiration when you are drawing?

2. Before asking a question, think about what you really want.

Just want to know the tools that the master uses? Curious about how did the master is able to draw a masterpiece today? Want to know how long it takes a master to draw? Curious what makes a master keep drawing all the time?

3. When asking questions, don't ask the question is too big. Base on the answer you want and focus on a clear topic.

For example, "How to become a master?", "I want to learn to draw, what tools do you recommend to use?" I think it's hard to answer questions like this. Why? Because there are many kinds of styles, themes, and tools, and they are the factors that affect a master to become a master. And there are too many choices for painting tools. Who knows which tools you would like to draw? But if you ask "I want to learn hand-drawn animation, but I haven't touched it, would you suggest which software would be better for me to get started?" Master gets the information that 1. You want to learn hand-drawn animation 2. You are a beginner who hasn't experienced hand-drawn animation 3. You want to know the software that is better to learn. In these three settings, the master is able to come up with specific answers and the answer would be suitable for you

4. Don't ask something for free

For some cuties, they may not dare to ask for free. But for some cheeky people, they are likely to ask a question whether the creator can provide a free consultation, teaching or tools, etc. In fact, these are likely the goods and services sold by the masters and asked if they can provide them for free. Just like people begging for food, not only disrespecting the master but also degrading your own abilities and values.

5. After getting the answer, give feedback, and thanks.

Regardless of whether the final answer satisfies what you want, once we receive help and answers from other people, we should give gratitude to show personal politeness and cultivation. If you are a sweet person, give encouragement and praise to them so that you have the opportunity to communicate with them again in the future. You may also become friends.

I am happy that you read this article. Hope you can ask questions to masters if there are opportunities so that it helps you learn in painting or creating.

If you have any questions or opinions, please feel free to tell me in the comment below or use social media or mail to share with me!




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