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How to Color skin and make it beautiful?

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

In fact, there are many things to learn in drawing, one of the key skills is nothing more than coloring.

Actually, if you can play it, it will be cool and fun!!!

The knowledge of color and light and shadow is too much to say!

And the use of color will vary with the times and trends.

If you can master some basic knowledge or skills, maybe you won't feel so troubled!

People who like to draw anime most often draw characters, so today I want to share with you about skin coloring.

For making it simple, easy and you can learn it faster, I use celluloid to demonstrate it so that it will be clear and the comparison will be stronger.

Of course, after reading the instruction, I think it will be helpful to you, you can also share this tutorial with your friends who like drawing!

Let's get rid of this terrible skin color!

First of all, there are many coloring techniques, and the skin painting method I shared with you this time is not the only way to paint the skin, but based on my own experience, how to make the skin more beautiful. Grab those factors and analyze the reason, you can quickly absorb learning knowledge. And don't just read it, you also have to pick up the brush and start practicing now!

Draw the color of skin and shadow

The first one is the color of skin and shadow. In fact, each of us has different skin color. You can observe and see the skin color from different people, the color of the skin and shadow will also be different. Although this seems to be the common sense, but the details are not easy to be found! So when you know that the colors of skin and shadows also need to be selected, you can play around and see what kind of combination will be more beautiful!

After trying a variety of different skin colors, have you noticed that the skin colors of different skin will bring you different feeling? Play more, try more, if you draw with digital painting, you don't need to worry about mistakes.

Draw ruddy skill

The second is the skin's blood color and ruddy. This is the easy part to be ignored to the drawing beginners, because they will treat these parts directly as shadows. But in fact these ruddy colors contain humans The blood color of the skin, so when you are painting the skin, remember to add some warm colors to some joints or the area where is easier to transmit light, or it is easier to ruddy, it will be more animate!(The saturated color around the shadow isn't about the blood color, it is related to scattering.)

The ruddy color to be used on different skins is also different! So don't be lazy, it is wrong to apply one color to all different skin! Just what I said before, try, and try, and try again!!!

Draw highlights of skin

The third is highlights, which is also a part that many beginners who want to learn to draw the skin would easily ignore, because when the light is not strong enough, the highlights are not easy to be noticed, but if you can add skin highlights, the skin will look more clean and beautiful!

After adding highlights, do you feel that Hatsune Miku just takes a shower? The skin is clean and white and tender!

So after mastering these three conceptual skills to draw the skin, do you feel the difference between before and after? This time, in order to let you absorb and learn it more quickly, I use celluloid drawing as a demonstration, because impasto painting will have more details, and sometimes the contrast is not so obvious. I am very happy that you have finished reading this article and hope it helps you! If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to tell me in the comment below or use social media or mail to share with me! If after reading the article, you draw some pictures that you like or have different effects, I also look forward that you share your works with me!




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