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How to draw lips? Lip structure lets you draw sexy lips!

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

In the general situation, people don't want to draw the facial features so clearly and realistically when they are drawing, besides sketch.

But sometimes you want to highlight the sexy lips of a girl, You would want to paint her lips.

At this moment, you might draw like this ...

Draw a beautiful girl face with a sausage mouth…

In addition to being frustrated, maybe you don’t want to draw lips so realistic anymore!

But it is ok.

This time I will explain the structure of lips here.

Let’s you quickly grab the contours of lips.

Further reading you might find interesting:

Let's take a look at real lips first.

I believe that your heads probably want to express their mouths directly with a line…

But don’t be nervous.

Let's analyze and disassemble the structure of the lips.

It's not as complicated as you think.

The mouth part is mainly the combination of upper and lower lips.

Although seemingly simple, if you don’t have a stereoscopic concept, you may paint lips flat.

So I would like to remind you here, our lips are actually like tubes clamped at the head and tail, they are actually curved volumes.

Then the upper lip can be divided into three pieces, the lower lip can be divided into two pieces.

So when you have this concept, when you paint lips, it’s not easy to become a flat mouth again.

We can reference some photos and try to copy

1. Disassemble the five pieces of lips first.

2. Draw the shape of the lips with lines.

3. Let's color and finish it!!!

The seductive lips are drawn by you like this!

At last, after understanding the basic structure of lips, you can often practice painting beautiful lips on various beauty faces!!!

Get started now!

Remember to share it with me after you draw the beautiful works!!

I’m very happy that you can read this article. In fact, people's faces are not a structure that is easy to understand seriously. But through disassembly, you will find that it’s not so difficult to understand. In order to let you understand the structure simply, I use geometry to piece it together for you to understand, so that you can more easily absorb this knowledge! If you have any questions, please feel free to tell me in the comment below or use social media or mail to share with me! I am looking forward to your girl painting with sexy lips.



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