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Learn to draw a nose!! Get rid of only a dot forever!

Hello! Cuties, I am Comic black rainbow!!!

Unless you are sketching, most people will be beaten by this complex shape when they are painting noses and chose to take it a little bit with a dot.

Some cutie who is struggling to draw a nose, maybe draw like this...

Of course, if it is the IP feature you created, I support it.

But if you want to draw a real nose, of course, we still have to learn the structure of the real nose-first.

It can help you achieve the goal of drawing a real nose !!!

Further reading you might find interesting:

Let's take a look at the real nose first!

I think your brain is blank now…

But it does not matter.

The human brain performs a basic repulsion of things that it is not used to.

This is normal.

That's why most people are used to avoiding things they don't want to face.

But I believe you are ready to learn how to paint a nose, that’s why you read this article, right?

As long as we have psychological preparation, we wouldn't want to escape, right?

Then we started to disassemble it!!

In fact, the nose is a ball in the middle, and assembly with two hemispherical skins put together like a drop of water on the center of the face.

I only think of this description now (ha

It's ok! Let's look at the more streamlined decomposition steps!

First, we will present the nose with simple geometry.

We will see the approximate appearance of the nose above.

Next, let’s draw a more precise structure.

At this time you can see that I distinguish the alar part from the bridge of the nose.

The appearance of the nose is more obvious.

At this time, it is easier for you to understand the structure of the nose.

Finally, we will make the geometry more rounded so that there would be a sense of flesh.

After drawing the nostrils and shadows, the entire nose is drawn!

Now that we have seen how the nose is drawn after disassembly, we just add a detailed shadow like a sketch, you can start to make it more real!!!

At last, after understanding the basic structure of nose, you can try painting with different nose shapes, like boys 'noses, girls' noses or Western noses, Asian noses, black noses, etc.

It may help you have a deeper understanding of the structure of nose and collect the database too!

I am so happy that you can read this article. For many beginners, when they see complex shapes in their eyes, their heads start to crash, and their hands are unable to move. This is normal! Don’t feel frustrated because of this, it means that we still can improve the skill. I have recently created some content related to drawing knowledge and mentality that can help everyone draw. You can go to my Youtube channel to find the relevant videos you need to watch! If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to tell me in the comment below or use social media or mail to share with me!




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