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How to solve the request for free drawing?

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

There are many cuties who like drawing will help people draw characters for free on the Internet to increase their experience in drawing.

Sometimes it's a way to make people know who are you.

This is a way to socialize.

If you just like to provide free services.

It's good.

But why shouldn't a professional painter easily agree to a drawing request for free?

And people shouldn't ask the professional painter for free drawing?

Today I want to share with you why "Can you draw a picture for me?" is a disrespectful question for professional painters.

And how to solve the request for free drawing?

Treat professional competence objectively

All professional skills require time to work out. This is beyond doubt. Different people, different skills, and different levels require different energy, experience, and time. It requires costs, whether tangible or intangible.

Take an example that we are most familiar with-internships. Maybe some people think that they are graduated from professional departments and have learned professional skills, why they don't get a salary when they are intern? The argument of the veteran is " this is the opportunity for you to learn." It is right but wrong. It is right because you lack professional experience and ability. The knowledge you learned from school only is regarded as talking on paper. If you enter the workplace and don't provide your value of professional ability and seniors have to pay attention to you. It's a burden for the boss to give the internship opportunity to you. It is wrong because that if the professionals can provide self-worth to increase the owner's benefit during the internship stage, and they can't get the deserved return, they would be frustrated by the situation in society.

If you think that you still in the learning stage, and choose to help people draw pictures for free, this may be one of the methods to improve your drawing skill. But with the increase of time and the improvement of professional skills, the value should be raised so that you are able to provide value more efficiently when entering the workplace in the future.

Behind the request for a free drawing

I don't know if you have a similar experience. When the New Year or when friends and family get together, as long as they know who learn instruments, someone will ask "can you play a song for us?" Or someone can dance and they would ask "Could you show a dance?" In fact, they may be unintentional. But people forget the meaning behind these inquiries. Do they want to have free entertainment? Or are they curious about the capabilities? If it were not for these two reasons, I would not have thought of other reasons.

We will not say a carpenter "Next time you come to my house, please help me fix something" We will not say "Help me check my car for free" to a mechanic. We will even not say "Please help me make a movie" to the director! So why are there such requirements for musicians, dancers, painters, etc.? Many people would rather spend 20 or 30 dollars on a big meal than pay someone to help him draw a picture. Is it really that the value of our drawing is lower than food? I don't think so. They are treated like this because these professions are underestimated. If you want to change the situation that skill is underestimated, we have to reject others' free request first. It depends on how we regard our professional skills!

How to reply to someone's request for free drawing

Perhaps some cuties will say that people want painter draw for them because they look beautiful works from the painter, this is a request because of appreciation and recognition. Then I ask a question if they respect the painter, why would they want to get a drawing for free from the painter?

In fact, professional painters feel bad when someone asked this kind of free request. When painters receive this kind of message, some of them may not reply to it, and some of them may be angry. But anyway, when painters encounter this kind of thing, I think it would be the best way to educate them (such as posting this article to them XD). As mentioned in the previous paragraph, many people don't actually realize what the mentality behind the problems is. Maliciousness may also be unintentional, even they learn bad habits from others! Inform them that their professional abilities should be respected rather than being treated free of charge. The relationship between people needs to respect each other, not to ask each other for something. Only pay more respect and support to every profession can make the entire industry improve quality and keep a good environment cycle!

I am happy that you read this article. Whether you like to draw for people for free or you are suffering from many free drawing requests, you all need to know why you draw for free and why you charge! Set your own principles, and take good measures to gain respect for our skills from others! If you have any questions or opinions, please feel free to tell me in the comment below or use social media or mail to share with me! I look forward to your progress and improvement in the journey of painting, and I hope that you will get the rewards you deserve one day!


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