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Give up drawing? The reason you gave up is different from what you thought

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

I believe that many people must have had the idea of giving up drawing on the road to learning anime drawing.

You want more praise, but you don’t have...

You want to paint well, but you paint something bad...

You want to draw the picture in your head, but you can’t draw it...

Do you think you have no talent?

Do you think you are not suitable for drawing?

You can't see the end in front of you.

It’s like you’re lost in the dark night forest.

How much time and effort it needs to take to pass many levels so that you can reach that distant and fuzzy destination?

Feeling troublesome and helpless, and put down paintbrush, you may say “I gave up...”

Do you think the above is the mood and reason why you gave up drawing?

Something might be.

But there is actually another reason...a reason you may forget...

Do you remember when you were first drawing?

The experience of drawing a picture with a pen for the first time may have no impression at all, but the earliest impression of the drawing experience is believed to be different for everyone. I only remember that when I was bored at home when I was a child, I always thought about what I wanted to play with my cousin. Sometimes we watched cartoons, sometimes we played with clay, and sometimes we used a pen to draw something. It was too boring, so I played a picture-drawing contest with my cousin. Whoever draws the painting looks like the picture will win. As a result, I lose every time. It was really frustrating! But there was nothing to do at that time, I just thought about winning, so I practiced drawing again and again. And I get the interest at that time! Sometimes I drew so happy that I forgot that I practiced because I want to compete! In addition, I saw a lot of Japanese anime and manga at that time, so I got the idea of ​​creating my own characters and stories. When creating my own characters and fantasy storylines, I often indulged in my own small world in creating another small world and short story. This is how I enjoy the experience of drawing. It let me start my road of anime drawing! What about you? How did you start your journey of painting?

But this road is really not easy. I am also staggering and exhausted in the process. But in fact, the most tiring is the ups and downs in the heart. After such a long drawing process, I picked up the pen and put it down, and picked up the pen again. Recalling the process, I think why I want to give up, and why you picked up the pen and continue to draw, it turns out...

The reason I really gave up drawing is that I forgot...

Original intention.

Sometimes this phenomenon is not entirely caused by ourselves, but by external influences. When I was a child, I drew pictures very happily, and I was intoxicated by every small improvement. When we grow up, relatives, family members, or friends see our paintings instead of complimenting but correcting them with a higher standard. We will be kind and eager to know where we are not good, and hoping to be recognized again. But after we work hard, we still can't get the approval, or we can't draw the picture we want to show, or your friends and family tell you to give up drawing, or you're tired because you can't get a sense of accomplishment, you may want to give up drawing...

But I still have to add a digression about other people's guidance. In fact, most painting suggestions are given by those who don't draw. If it is someone who is not drawing, usually they only can give suggestions for what is not professional. This kind of advice is not necessarily helpful, sometimes it is even misleading. Another easier way to mislead is that there are friends who draw. Sometimes friends who draw may not be able to give you really useful advice. On the contrary, it may make you more frustrated. I have a friend who is painting, but she is more rational and likes to make comments from the perspective of painting techniques, but she doesn't know how to express herself in terms of creative connotation and aesthetics, so she often talks about painting techniques, which will always make people think whether their drawing is right or wrong. But sometimes it's just the way of expression. So when we are swayed by misleading suggestions, we have to study in-depth, what is the real problem of painting technique and what is the way of expression problems, or there are other issues that need to be resolved.

In short, when we are affected by a bunch of external factors that make us want to shrink and give up drawing if you think back to the original intention of drawing in the past, you will feel that we only want to be happy when we are drawing at the first. Why the older we are, the more distracting thoughts are interfering with our simple happiness? Recalling when you didn't want anything, you simply took a piece of paper and drew on it, and then by chance, the picture in your mind came into view on your paper.

At this time, your heart is full of joy and accomplishment. That kind of joy and accomplishment are not what others give to you, it is not restricted by others, and does not ask for others' approval. From scratch, it is the kind of feeling you give to yourself. I think it is the so-called real happiness and original intention!

Drawing is not for the sake of drawing pictures, not for the sake of superb painting skills. This kind of eagerness to get immediate results will not be the goal of drawing. Drawing is that we share images with others with our thoughts and connotations. So if you can still remember and feel your original intention and happiness in drawing, it means that it is not the time for you to give up drawing. Take your original intention, pick up your pen, and happily swish. Use your drawing to convey the ideas you want to convey and the connotations you want to express!

I am so happy that you read this article. I believe you read this article may be thinking about giving up drawing or have had the experience of wanting to give up the idea of drawing. But no matter what the situation is, I believe that now it's not a good time for you to give up, because you should also be struggling and have not made up your mind yet, right? That being the case, why not take out a piece of paper when you are in a relaxed mood and scribble on it? Maybe your paintings will tell you the truest inner thoughts! If you have anything you want to share with me, please comment below or use social media or mail to share with me! I hope you can enjoy the process of your painting journey and keep your original aspirations forever!




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