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How to select others' criticisms and suggestions for your paintings

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow!

Some cuties would ask "I want to improve in drawing, so I ask others on the Internet, but how do I know if their criticisms and suggestions are correct? Or if the methods they suggested are effective for me?"

I can answer you first here. The advice is effective to you or not is up to the results that you try. When you are more professional in something, the more you can analyze what advice is right for you.

Criticism is awkward advice

According to a previous article about putting bad works on the Internet and How to face others' attacks and criticisms on your paintings. I gave a few possible examples to you. You can check it. Criticism may not always be negative. Sometimes it's just a bit rude. This criticism most often comes from friends and family. I totally understand. When the closest people say the negative words to us, how painful and devastating it is. Sometimes the damage is enough to knock us off, even makes us lose confidence and disorientation. But if the creator is willing to look at these negative words differently, think of criticism as motivation and advice to help them better, Instead of hurting them, analyze the key points that others want to express, accept and improve on your weaknesses. Congratulations! You will make progress! As a boss in many movies or anime, they like to absorb attacks from others to make themselves super strong!!!

Remember "All the setbacks are practices if the mentality is correct. All the setbacks are a disaster if the mentality is incorrect."

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How to filter suggestions from others' feedback

Life is full of many unprofessional personal suggestions, so before you ask everyone to give you some comments and suggestions for your painting, you must understand why you are painting first? Improving your painting skills? Or is there a purpose and reason for your painting? After you know the answer, you can absorb suggestions that are useful to you to improve your creation.

I observed many suggestions for painting can be roughly divided into two types: suggestions for skills, suggestions for expression.

If you want to draw realistic dogs, it means that you don't know enough about the dog's structure, then you need to learn it more. If you want to draw a virtual dog, but it is still not considered a dog, you can observe how your favorite cartoon painters draw cartoon dogs.

Whether it is real or virtual, I strongly recommend you to learn and understand human anatomy. Once you learn it, whether it is realism, animation, Japanese, American style, all you can draw easily.

The choice of courses and books is quite profound knowledge. But you have to be interested in it so that you would learn it fast. So I suggested that you choose the courses or books you like at first. The next step is to learn the basic and authoritative knowledge related to the thing you want to learn. For example, if you like to paint the human body, you must understand anatomy, if you like architecture, you must understand the structure or design of the building, etc.

If you originally wanted to draw ugly pictures, then you succeeded. If you want to draw beauty, you have to observe how to draw the works that you think are beautiful.

The completeness of a picture depends on the purpose. If you just want to practice, you only need to draw the part you want to practice. If you draw it for your client, the completeness would be up to your client. So when others say that your painting is not complete, make sure what your purpose is first, and then decide how much the drawing you need to complete.

If you want to make people feel that the painting is dirty, then there is no problem. But if not, you need to think about how to arrange and express the color plan in the picture. Or learn how to match colors in courses so that you know how to express your creativity with colors.

Those examples above are just observed by myself. I am happy that you read this article, hope it can help you! If you get any other interesting suggestions, you can share it with me in the comment below or use social media or mail to share it with me! Basically, as long as you know why you paint, every stroke you make has your reason, and this is the way and style of your work. People can only criticize your technology, but not the way of expression you choose, so as long as you know why you are drawing like this and refine your skill, there is no reason to be influenced by anyone's praise, criticism, and preferences! Go for it!!!




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