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4 royalty-free image sites make your anime drawing better

Hi, I am Comic black rainbow!!!

I believe you must be struggling to find something to use, but a free image website with good texture and beautiful pictures.

That’s why you read this article!!!

In fact, there are tasteful free picture materials, in addition to being used by some content creators and graphic designers, it is also helpful for anime painting, especially if you need to find some artistic conception or realistic landscape pictures.

These pictures also can help us practice limited time sketching, or you can use it as a reference for practicing composition and tone!

Even a bit smarter, for painters who don’t know how to paint or are too lazy to paint backgrounds and delicate objects, royalty-free material is of course our best helper!

So today I want to share 4 useful royalty-free image sites with you!

Let you use it at ease when you need the material!

Further reading you might find interesting:


What makes Picjumbo very special is that all the photos on the website are made by a photographer! Because of this, you will find that his photo style is more consistent! If you need to make some thematic visual design, the photos you find on this website will not violate the agreement! Originally, this photographer wrote a website program, but because of his great interest in photography and travel, he started to write this website and put his own photographic work on it, which is free for everyone to use! Of course, there are also advanced paid services. If you join his member, you can receive some exclusive photos every month. Some themed photos also require members to view and download, so if the budget is sufficient, you can really consider participating in his paid membership!

Free for commercial and personal use.


Pixabay is a webpage mainly in English, so you will need to use English to find the sources that you need in the search part. One of the great things about this website is that its website materials are not only pictures, but even illustrations, vectors, videos, and music, so you can use materials no matter what kind of digital work you are doing, which is very convenient! But because the works on this website come from creators all over the world, you will find that the style, tone, and work level of the entire material may be a bit uneven, so when choosing the material, you still have to choose a style that is more consistent according to your needs, the material will be better!

Free for commercial and personal use.


Piqsels is the main webpage in Simplified Chinese. From the homepage, we can know that it is a free material website that can be used for personal and commercial purposes! Like the previous website, the works come from creators all over the world, so the overall style and tone will be slightly different, but the amount of materials is extremely rich, so if you can't find other royalty-free image sites that meet your needs, you may find it on this website! Haha!!

Free for commercial and personal use.


The last one, one feature of the Pexels that surprised me is that although the pictures on the website are photographs of creators from all over the world, once the homepage is opened, the same photographs of the same series can always be arranged. At a glance, the viewer thinks it was made by the same photographer! And the picture materials in the entire website, with a European atmosphere and Japanese tones, are really soft and peaceful! So if you like this European atmosphere and low-saturation Japanese tones, the free graphic materials on this website will surely make you so excited!

Free for commercial and personal use.

In fact, there are really many free picture material websites on the Internet.

However, the color tone, style, taste, and texture of the pictures of some websites, it's really not unanimous...

I believe that the people who like painting must have higher requirements for vision than ordinary people.

At this time, of course, we are also looking for materials with texture and taste that are commensurate with us.

Only in this way can we highlight the aesthetic height and texture of our works!

Therefore, I introduced 4 tasteful free image material websites this time.

Hope to add some color and taste to your work!

Of course, if you are practicing with these materials, I also hope to improve your aesthetic ability, and make the style of the work more consistent!

You now know these 4 tasteful free image material websites. Generally speaking, they can be used for personal and commercial material websites. I believe they can let you make good use of your talents. The purpose of using these materials is to let us regardless of the work or practice ability, our works can be better. But I still want to remind you that even if these free picture material websites are free, we cannot download these free things as our own things and carry them to others, even sell them. This is an illegal act and must be avoided! After all, this is the blood and sweat of others. Respect for each other can make the industrial environment better! Finally, if you have any questions or any works want to share with me, please leave a comment below or use social media or mail to share with me! I hope that after you use the materials, you can take your work to the next level, and let others feel that your work has more taste!

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