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3 steps let you self-learning anime drawing

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

Recently I have done a lot of content about drawing mentality, practice methods, basic skills, etc. because I hope to help those who want to learn animation painting like you.

If you don't know where to start because the professional details are too much, and you are still thinking "In the end, you still didn't tell me how to self-learn anime drawing"

Today the content is to tell you directly how to use these three steps to learn anime painting by yourself!!!

Let you know how to exercise your drawing skills in all stages of drawing!

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Self-learning anime drawing step1-Drawing something you like

In fact, there are many beginners of anime drawing who are eager to become masters in a short time, so they will look for some professional courses. Basically, learning professional courses can really help us improve our painting skills within a certain period of time. But if you are a zero-based novice, or interested in drawing, or your goal is to be a freelance painter, and you don't need to enter an animation or game company. Then I would suggest that at the beginning of self-study anime drawing, draw what you like first and cultivate your love for anime drawing would be better for you, because the boring practices may scare away you later. If you can combine your own preferences in the next stage of practice, you will find that the practice is not as boring as you think, even you may be happier when you practice it. And the more you practice, the more you like anime drawing! If you can’t really like anime drawing from your heart, how can you focus on the anime drawing that you want to create?

Self-learning anime drawing step2-If you can draw something, find the reference, and learn from it

In the first step, we usually draw things that we like and use simpler methods to draw, such as imitating pictures and tracing pictures. But from step two, you may want to challenge yourself and let yourself draw more difficult things, or start to learn to copy. If it’s a little more advanced, you may try to create directly without looking at things. These are great challenges!

But in the process of practicing painting, you will always encounter difficulties. At this time, some people may want to force themselves to improve or hope that they will not be bound by the reference pictures. They would force themselves to practice and draw something without looking at references or looking for information. My own experience is that I felt very pain!!! Moderately do not rely on reference to practice drawing is indeed a practice method, but if you feel that the exercises you want to do are beyond your current ability, then you should obediently find reference pictures to learn and practice!

In order to let you know more about the direction of looking for references, I share my own way of looking for references. There are two bases for looking for reference pictures.

1. Technology, principle, structure: real photos for understanding and analysis, and other works of painting techniques that I can learn

2. Style, expression, atmosphere: atmospheric photos with personal style, favorite painting style works

Through this kind of data classification, you can quickly master the knowledge and materials you need when you need to learn from it so that you can quickly absorb the parts you want to learn and practice!

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Self-learning anime drawing step2- Enhance aesthetics and cultivate drawing style

Drawing without a style has always been a problem for many people... But in fact, to develop your own style, one is to practice often, and the other is to increase life experience! The purpose of practice more is to make us proficient in the application of drawing techniques, and to increase experience is to help us use different logical thinking to express the painting when we are drawing. Without technology, only ideas, we can't draw what we want to draw. If only technology, without ideas, drawing would be easily uninteresting. Therefore, before this stage, we still have to have certain basic drawing skills to help us cultivate our own style of painting, and we will not always have problems with painting skills.

The more solid the basic skills of painting, the easier we cultivate our own style of painting. With mature painting skills, it is easier for you to draw the picture you want to express. When the drawing is more fulfilling, you will draw more. As the number of drawings increases, you will slowly see your own painting style!

I simplify a lot of details above and share with you the general steps of self-study anime drawing.

At each stage, there are details that we must learn, so I suggest you watch the articles in the basic skills series that I post before.

You will be more aware of what knowledge you want to learn and what skills to exercise!

At this time you may ask

"Then what if I develop my own style? What should I do next? Is this the end?"

Of course, it can't end like this!!!

It is to re-optimize everything that has been learned and practiced in the past and breakthrough!

Breaking through is a lifetime of homework.

Usually, draw to a proficient level, we can easily get used to drawing in this way.

At this stage, it's actually difficult to have big progress.

Like climbing to the top of a mountain, you have no way to climb up.

If you want to have a new challenge, you have to climb other different mountains.

And each mountain has different scenery and challenges, waiting for you to play and experience!

The same goes for drawing, the road of the challenge will never have an end!

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If you want to learn self-study anime drawing, and you already know these 3 steps of self-study animation drawing now, you can start learning and practicing according to your own ability! If you have any questions or opinions, please feel free to tell me in the comment below or use social media or mail to share with me! I hope you can learn something during the practice, and even try some different challenges so that you can draw the picture that you want to present more easily!




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