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How to draw head? Key proportions of facial features to make you draw a beautiful face

Hi cutie, I am Comic black rainbow

Are you worry about painting a human head?

Or how to draw a realistic face?

Or you wonder why the face you drew is so crooked?

Or the proportion of eyes, nose, mouth is weird?

Ps. Let these pictures become the past

Today I will share the proportion of face with you

So that you would not confuse about how to draw the human head

No matter drawing a sketch or comic face

you can draw the human head with this proportion

Further reading you might find interesting:

The human head proportion that I reference is from Glenn Vilppu and Andrew Loomis. They are good at drawing human and they have their point of view in the drawing. It’s very worth learning and exploring their deep understanding of anatomy and Painting insights. The way they grab the proportion is different

But the proportion is the same. So I try to make the proportion easier to remember and make a Youtube video. I hope it can help you when you draw the human head. According to the explanation in my Youtube video of How to draw human head proportion, I will explant how to draw human head proportion without auxiliary line again here roughly. If you think the essay is not clear, welcome to watch the video on my Youtube channel.