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Which would be better for drawing to beginner, a simple graphics tablet, or a graphics screen?

Hi, I am Comic black rainbow!!!

There are many cuties who like to draw,

Maybe you are mainly using hand-painted all the time.

Now technology is advanced,

When you see a lot of amazing works drawn by masters on social media,

You may also want to buy a digital drawing tool to draw.

But now there are a bunch of various digital drawing tools on the market,

It seems that the most common is the graphics tablet and with screen!

At this time, you don't know which one will be better for you.

In addition, there was a cutie who wants me to share this issue on Bilibili before, so I will share with you in three aspects of this issue,

So that you would know which one would be better for you!!!

PS. At the end of this article, there are 10 free Photoshop brushes for you, so that you can add different effects and fun when painting!

The price of a graphics tablet

If you are considering buying a graphics screen or a graphics tablet, you may find that the price difference between the graphics screen and the graphics tablet is about 2-10 times on some online shopping platforms, because of different brands and sizes. And of course the bigger the more expensive! However, in general, the price of the most basic A5 size graphics tablet is between $40-70, and a general 20-inch graphics screen, if it is not a famous brand, the price is also $400-500, after you see the prices, you can plan how much you need to deposit! Of course, for newbies, if the budget is enough at the beginning, it is a good choice to buy a graphics screen directly, but if the budget is not that high, it is also possible to buy a graphics tablet to try it out first!

Feeling and experience of using a graphics tablet

No matter what tools are used for drawing, the most important thing is to get used to it, but before you get used to it, you have to use the tool a period of time! In use, the graphics screen will definitely be more intuitive than a graphics tablet. After all, the drawing screen is drawn directly on the screen. Except that the feeling of drawing is not like the feeling of real friction between hand-painted materials, you see the drawing on the graphics screen is still the same as hand-drawing. But with a graphics tablet, it is a state of separation of hands and eyes. This will be a very painful drawing experience for many novices because it is extremely unaccustomed! Based on my experience, when I first bought a graphics tablet, I thought that I could become a master. As a result, I was extremely frustrated when drawing pictures with hands and eyes separated... In fact, this is related to the attitude of drawing and using tools. I don't want to explain too much in here, but what I want to say is that if you are a novice in learning to draw, you don't know much about drawing, and your love for drawing cannot exceed your unaccustomed to overcoming this hand-eye separation. I still suggest that you use a graphics screen to draw, otherwise it will be very painful if you are not used to drawing pictures with the situation of hand-eye separation!

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Painting skills

As for the painting skills, in fact, people with good painting skills are not limited to tools at all. Otherwise, in the past, how those masters could use a few simple colors and simple painting tools to paint amazing paintings? Therefore, for people who have a certain degree of painting skills, apart from the habit of using tools, basically, the thinking and expression techniques of painting are not easily hindered by tools, not to mention that there are so many effects and functions of digital painting. According to the above reasons, for people with good painting skills, the reason they choose a graphics tablet or with the screen is the budget and whether they can accept the experience of using the tool. But for the beginner who learning drawing, I still feel that it is better to use the most convenient and intuitive drawing tools to learn to draw. The graphics screen must be the first choice because the novice is still very new to drawing, they are even difficult to draw a picture with a pen. If you give a graphics tablet what have the difficulty of separating the hand from the eye, the novice will not want to draw. Therefore, in order to make the novice more willing to practice with digital painting, it is necessary to give the novice a sense of accomplishment. Of course, the most intuitive tool must be given in a first way!

I am so happy that you can read this article. Whether you are a newbie in painting, or you have a certain degree of drawing skills, and now you want to try digital painting, I hope this article can help you in buying a graphics tablet or graphics screen! If you have any questions or experiences, please leave a comment below or use social media or mail to share with me! I look forward to your progress and improvement in the journey of painting, and I hope you can enjoy learning digital painting, let use digital painting to sway our paintings together!!!

Finally, here is the 10 free Photoshop brushes for you!!!😘😘😘


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