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3-step improves your drawing skills at short time!

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

Although I don’t know how long you have been trying to draw, still can't see the progress.

I think this is the most fearful and painful thing for most painters.

I often look at the works of many different painters on the Internet.

I occasionally see some painters, since the painting is not very good to amazing works, it may take half a year or a year at the earliest.

But there are also situations that amaze me, there are also many painters who have made rapid progress in just two or three months!

I also have some discoveries about honing painting skills.

Summarize a key technique that allows people to improve their drawing skills in a short period of time and 3 step-by-step guides that can help us improve our drawing skills!

So, after reading this article, quickly take these skills and strategies to make your painting skills more and more exquisite!

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Key skills to improve painting skills

We often feel envious when we see a masterwork on the Internet, and then happily pick up a piece of paper or open a new file on the computer, and want to draw a work as exquisite as the master drawing. But the more we paint, the more frustration we get, and we always feel that there is such a huge gap between what we paint and the master painting!

At this time, you may feel that you may not be suitable for painting the subject or the style drawn by this master, so you see other master drawings, you try to draw again, and then frustrate again. At this time, you may be exhausted. You are done, you don’t want to draw anymore, or you are troubled by your own drawing skills so you really want to give up drawing... This is the trouble that many people encounter in practicing drawing skills, but why do they fail to practice drawing like this? In fact, the reason is very simple, because we always jump around, without training for a certain skill. Short-term experience and abilities are not enough to improve our skills. It's not that this way of jumping around is impossible to progress, in fact, long-term practice like this will still make progress, it just means that because your concentration and ability are scattered on different topics to practice, it will naturally extend the time for progress. Therefore, if you want to improve your drawing skills in a short period of time, the most important key skill is, "In a period of time, only move forward to a specific goal that needs to be improved!" Just looking at the text will feel like a cliche, but if you don’t understand the details of this sentence, you will still go the wrong way. What does it mean to? For example, if you want to study the human body, there is only one goal, and it is also specific, right? But why is it still so difficult? Since the human body is divided into many parts, there are also many different styles of painting, so which kind of human body do you want to practice? For example: Do you want to just draw muscles, or you want to practice body dynamics? Do you want to practice a realistic human body or a cute version of the human body? Do you want to practice Japanese style or European style? When you can set the target details, you can start a three-step strategy journey!

Drawing skills speeding improvement strategy step one: subtle observation

In fact, it is very difficult for people to look at themselves objectively. When we see other people’s achievements, we would be wishful thinking that we obtain certain achievements. Once we realize that we are weaker than others, or even worse. Our inner self-esteem and jealousy will arise. At this time, it is also easy to resist facing the facts, and this mentality will easily hinder us to learn something new. Therefore, in the first step, the most important thing is to recognize the facts, know and accept where you are, and then look for "references suitable for your current abilities" for learning. The so-called reference that suits one's current abilities means to find works that are a little more difficult than one's current abilities to study, not to find works that are far from one's own abilities to study. After searching for the appropriate reference, we can start to observe how the pictures we usually draw are different from these works or reference works. How can we paint and express?

Drawing skills speeding improvement strategy step two: logical thinking

Many people may not notice that when they are drawing, they would follow their feelings because drawing is also a kind of emotional expression and self-expression to a certain extent. If you are painting for fun, then there is no problem, but if you want to improve your drawing skills, then, learning to draw is a matter of thinking. Think back to our own school days, if we just do not use our brains, I believe we will not be able to deal with some flexible examination. The drawing is the same. You can only copy, but when you want to create, your head is blank, and you don't know what to paint. So if you want to make progress in your drawing, your motivation for the drawing will become very important. Whether you are drawing for your own liking, or you are creating a reference based on the laws of nature in real life, you need to know why you are drawing in this way, for example: when you want to draw light and shadow, you have to think about why the shadow is so deep or so shallow; why the muscles will have such lines when people do this action... etc., so think while drawing does make the drawing speed very slow, but if you can draw with patience at the beginning, slowly, you will find that your head seems to have become accustomed to this logical drawing knowledge. Naturally, when you are drawing, you can draw logical images relatively quickly. At this time, your drawing speed will become fast and accurate!

Drawing skills speeding improvement strategy step three: correct action

The last step of the strategy is to modify and experiment at the same time! After we set a single specific goal, learn with logical thinking, and draw, we need to correct the bad places in the process of painting. When we find that we have bad paintings, we can initiate the first and second steps again, and observe carefully what are the weird places? When thinking about which part is wrong, how to draw to achieve the effect you want? Learn through mistakes and correct our own deficiencies step by step. Until we see our own progress, we will set the next goal that is a little harder than our own ability at this stage, and constantly try new challenges and experiment with different results so that the pictures drawn by us can be more exquisite!

After the explanation in this article,

You can set goals right away,

Start your own journey to improve your painting skills!

Everything is difficult to get started,

But if you are willing to survive this painful time in the beginning,

You can naturally get sweet fruits later!

Feel free to draw the picture you want to present!

I am so happy that you read this article. I hope this article can help you who want to improve your painting skills so that you can avoid drawing mistakes when you train your painting skills, and use a faster and more efficient way to make yourself achieve the goal! If you have any experience or thoughts during the process, welcome to comment below or use social media or mail to share with me the process and experience of your painting skills, let us use image creation to pass on the beauty of life for the better many people!




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