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How to Get Your Art Noticed on Social Media? 3 Tips to Promote Your Art on Social Media

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow!!

I believe that many cuties will be trapped in how the work is popular, and the mood would dance with it.

The less attention, you will be disappointed with your work and feel that the work and the ability are not good enough.

That's why the work goes unnoticed, and then you negative everything, even lose confidence.

It turned into a vicious circle...

Actually, attention is not because of the quality of your work.

Social media companies own their business operations and rules in operation.

This is one of the main reasons why your work is not being noticed.

If you don't understand the rules of the game for these social media and equate the level of attention with the quality of the work, take for granted you will get hurt.

I am not trying to explain the rules of social media today.

But to explore from the perspective of market demand how to make your work get more attention.

Before explaining, I want to mention a conception is that everyone has their own preferences, personal habits, experience, etc.

It's as some people don't eat stinky tofu because they aren't used to it, no matter how stinky tofu delicious is.

They don't want to eat it, they even hate the smell.

Change the angle to the drawing.

Picasso's geometric abstraction, some people feel bad, others feel good, why?

Because individuals have their own judgment standards for beauty.

For some professionals, they can understand and agree with Picasso's creative ideas, and appreciate his paintings.

People who don't understand even they don't want to understand, naturally, they don't praise Picasso's work.

If you don't even know Picasso's painting and see his painting, you might say that it is ugly, what is it!?

Since everyone has their own preferences.

How make sure our work can be noticed in the vast sea?

Further reading you might find interesting:

1. Adjust our work to meet the needs and expectations of others.

This is the most common in business. There are own preferences in each market because of culture, ethnicity, and public sentiment. This is the marketing that we often say. The most important thing in the market is supply and demand. As long as people want to see, there will be someone who is willing to draw and ensure that their works are liked and needed by the market. If you want to go into big marketing, you can do more surveys as the latest information to ensure that you understand the current market trend and preferences. Why do we need to do this? Different markets have different preferences. So if you are not only thinking about the market in your country, then you must do the homework to understand the preferences of various markets!

2. Be yourself.

This is like a choice made by adventurers, gamblers, and artists. Although it is a little dangerous, if it is successful, the result will be very surprising. In simple terms, it would be really good or really bad. Why? Because when you do yourself, you are satisfying yourself, satisfying your own desires, and satisfying your preferences. You may not include the market in your creative considerations, so this situation is likely to leave you out of touch with the market, and As a result, everyone is not interested in your work, which may be a bad situation as those artists who give up their creations. But if your work touches the deepest and softest point in the human heart, it resonates and stirs ripples then you will be able to lead the trend. Among these ripples, show your skills and express yourself as those masters who insist on their work and do not want to change themselves for the market.

3. Find your own market and audience.

If you don't want to change yourself, and you don't want to change others, it doesn't mean you are helpless! The world is so huge, there must be a way for you to survive! So don't be discouraged, because you just need to find a market and audience that will like you. How to say? Recently, I admired Crystal who is a creator so much. In the past, she put her works on the Internet when she was a student. It may not the good works for people at that time in Taiwan. But it is popular in the European and American markets. So if you are really dedicated to your work, but you still get a negative response, you can ask yourself, is your work really bad, or it isn't the market that would like your work? If your work is not popular in this market, why not try to throw your work in other markets and see how it reacts? Unless you are determined that you are just in a market in your country in your life, then you have to think about whether to change yourself to satisfy the market demand if the work is not popular.

After explaining these three ways to make your work popular

What the way you want to try to make your work popular?

Actually the way to make your work popular

It's not the only way to choose one of these three ways

Maybe you can mix two of them!!!

Such as when you do yourself

You also find the needs or preferences in common between the marketing and you, and you can make a creation to satisfy the marketing and yourself.

It's also a way of killing two birds with one stone!

If you have any questions or opinions, please feel free to tell me in the comment below or use social media or mail to share with me! I am happy that you can read this article and hope it can help you! I also hope that you can find a suitable way to get attention and recognition from others.




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