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6 clues make you draw unlimited hatching ideas!

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow

I believe that in addition to drawing illustrations

Many cuties also want to try to draw the a comic in their brains

But when you don’t have a computer, an digitizer, or any screentone

Is it limited by these external tools when you have only a pen on hand?

In order to increase screentone materials in your mind

So you don’t have to be limited by the lack of tools

Today, I will share with you the creative tips of draw the line pattern.

You can also download the file I made for you to practice it!!!

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6 clues for hatching idea

Generally, when you are required to draw a line pattern without any reference picture, it would be a blank in your mind. I believe that many people can't handle it immediately. At this time, don't panic, let us clam down. As long as you have a head, I believe that you can come up with the most basic and simple patterns. First, all complex things must be composed of the simplest things. So you list the possibilities of several line changes first.

Width-Thickness, Uneven, Thinness…

Length-Long, Short, Continuity, Intermittent…

Direction-Horizontal, Vertical, Crooked, Pitched…

Visibility-Clear, Blur…

Square and circle-Sharp, Smooth…

Density-Loose, Dense…

In the beginning, you might only be able to draw one or two variations of lines. As you try to blend many different changes, the patterns would be multiple and more!

Then, you can even define themes for yourself, such as ripples of water, burning of fire, texture of plants, cloud flow and so on, to let the creativity in our heads burst and produce more different styles of line ideas.

After trying a few different patterns of hatching drawing

Do you feel it’s easier for you?

When you can create a variety of different line patterns

You will feel more and more fulfilled with the ideas in your head

The materials required for this practice are very simple

Just a pen, a piece of paper, and your head

You can create anytime, anywhere

I also suggested that you can keep the line patterns you have drawn, so that when you need this inspiration when drawing comics in the future.

You can even use them on your comic!!!

I’m glad you followed me to try the creative practice of hatching drawing. Although the computer is everywhere today, it seems we don’t need to draw screentone so hard. Drawing line patterns with hatching drawing also seems to increase the creativity of screentone. When you create in the future, you will realize how great the benefits of these practices are for you because you were willing to try and play these basic practices of painting. These line patterns can not only be used in screen tones but illustration, design, comics, shadows, costumes, etc. So don't underestimate what you are practicing and having fun!!! Finally, If you have any questions or opinions, please feel free to tell me in the comment below or use social media or mail to share with me! I hope that you will be happy in your painting journey, and have learned from the process of playing and inspiring. I also hope that if you draw interesting line patterns, please share them with me!!




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