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2 tips for hatching drawing, let your lines be as soft as your hair!

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

It may let beginners who don’t know how to practice hatching drawing in the second practice from "Want to learn to draw? 4 simple practices for beginners".

So I want to share with you, the key points for beginners to practice hatching and what has to be noticed.

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There are two points for beginners to practice hatching drawing: control the strength when you draw and the dense of lines! The purpose of hatching drawing is to use lines to explain the distribution of light and shadow on the object, and the direction and density of the object!

Control the strength when you draw

The first practice you can try is that control the strength when you draw. Try to draw a surface evenly with a pencil first.

And you can try different strengths to see how dark the color is. Notice, the whole surface should be uniform in depth. Don't make the whole surface look messy with different strengths.

When you can grasp the strength even when you draw, you can make the painted surface more clean and fresh, without the feeling of mess.

The dense lines

After you can grasp the strength when you draw, you can start to practice how to control the dense of lines! In order to draw a sense of denseness with consistent thickness lines, the strength when we draw must be averaged, so that the light and shadow of the object surface in the picture can be expressed through the denseness of the lines.

It is not easy to uniformly control the density of the lines and the strength when you draw at the same time. Therefore, it is necessary to practice a lot to control the strength of your hand and the average distance between the lines to avoid drawing messy lines.

In addition, there are several wrong drawings for practice. I directly make demonstrations and share them with you. When you are doing the practice, try to avoid this casual and purposeless line drawing. Sometimes we draw without paying attention, and by drawing lines like this, you may enter a state where you don't know what you're practicing so that we can't really train our line drawing skills.

The purpose of these two practices is to make beginners are able to control the performance of lines stably.

Through the practices, it would be easier for you whether creative performance in drawing the line or the depth of the shadow on the surface of the object.

In fact, there are many fun and interesting ways to practice hatching drawing.

If you are interested

You can try it out through the related article(coming soon)!

I am happy that you read this article. I hope that through my demonstration and explanation, I can help you pay attention to the uniformity and performance of hatching drawing. If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to tell me in the comment below or use social media or mail to share with me! I hope that during your painting journey, you will be able to stabilize the performance of drawing through practice. I also hope that you will improve your skill and draw more three-dimensional paintings!




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