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Want to learn to draw? 4 simple drawing practices for beginners

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

Some beginners are envious of many painters who can draw well.

They want to draw but don’t know how to start it.

It's ok! Today I will introduce 4 simple practices to you, let these beginners who have no idea about drawing can pick up the pen and try to draw immediately!

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Practice drawing lines

Try to control the strength of holding the pen and the thickness of the lines. Many people may think that they write so that they also can draw, but more people even can't write well. Sometimes we can see the works from beginners are drawn messy repeated strokes of different thicknesses as if drawing an orangutan. The practice of drawing lines helps you control the pen when you are drawing. This practice is also suitable for those who already know how to draw, but want to try digital painting!!!

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Practice hatching drawing

When you can gradually control the strength of holding the pen and the thickness of lines, you can start to practice hatching drawing! Many beginners will feel bored with this practice, but I suggest that you can find some interesting line diagrams on the Internet and try to copy them. It will reduce the boring feeling and may inspire you to draw a variety of different line patterns!

Practice catching the proportion in painting

The most important proportions are length and angle. After practicing controlling lines and hatching drawing, we need to practice how to capture the proportions of an object to ensure that the picture we draw isn't like Picasso's abstract painting. Some cuties may use a ruler in the beginning, but in order to help you quickly capture the proportions, I recommend that practice the tips of catching proportions. It would help you more intuitively grasp the proportions when you are drawing.

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Draw simple objects and shapes

You have tried those practices above. Now it should not be too difficult to try to draw a shape or an object. You can choose a simple small object and draw it. I recommend that you can take simple geometric objects like boxes, balls, cups, etc. It's easier to draw!

Follow these steps to practice, do you feel that drawing seems not as difficult as you imagine?

If you are not dexterous enough, I suggest that you can practice them in your free time.

If you think it’s enough, You can try to challenge yourself and draw more complicated objects!

If you have any new discoveries or you find the tips are helpful in drawing, please share with me in the comment below or use social media or mail! I am happy that you read this article, I hope it would help you! I'm looking forward to seeing the works from you guys!




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