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Carole & Tuesday's painting process|An animation story of girls creating music

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

I believe that many times after you watch some movies or animations that touched you, you would want to pick up a pen and draw characters or draw the ideas that touched you.

At the beginning, I also drew line drafts because I liked Angela too much.

After drawing the line draft, because the hair is so detailed that I don't know how to color it.

But in the process of painting, I gradually know how to do it on the delicate line draft.

And after I can draw the coloring that looks I am satisfied with, suddenly I thought why not draw all the main characters of this animation at once?

And that is, I also drew Carole & Tuesday!!!

Next, I will share the painting process to you!!!

1.Line draft

No comparison no harm! When the three line drafts were lined up together, I realized that there was a significant gap between the Angela line draft on the left and Carole & Tuesday on the right! I don't know if you have found it!? Angela's hair line is relatively delicate, while Carole & Tuesday's line is like that is ready to be colored. In fact, it is because at the beginning, I liked the character Angela very much, and I just saw a Korean artist's line draft is very delicate at that time. I felt that it would be noble to draw Angela with delicate lines, so I tried to draw such a line draft. And Carole & Tuesday was painted after I finished Angela. I thought I could draw all the heroines into a series, and then I started to draw the composition together and draw them into line drafts. In order to make the three pictures look more consistent, I tried to control style consistency when I drew the line drafts as much as possible. So here you will notice that the mentality and starting point of each of us at the beginning of drawing will really greatly affect what each of us draws! If I had planned to draw these three characters from the beginning, the line draft I drew for Angela would have been a little different from what it is now!

2.Color draft

In the coloring draft step, because I didn't do any obvious light and shadow design, after the basic background color of each character's skin and hair was painted, I drew some basic shadows to make the character look more three-dimensional.

Many people may directly color after drawing the line draft, but in fact, to ensure that you can accurately draw the picture you want, it is basically better to draw the overall color draft! You will also find that I will not simply draw a certain part in great detail and then draw other parts here, but first confirm that the overall color draft is indeed close to the final appearance I want to present, and then I will proceed the next step and do the detailed painting, because this will ensure that the whole process is under control!

3. Finished drawing

After the draft plan is confirmed, in the step of detailed drawing, we can draw each part more delicately step by step. At this time, if you are confident in your drawing skills, you can draw the face first, and then draw hair, because the draft has already determined the overall general direction. At this time, you only need to make detailed drawings according to the principles of coloring drafts. Basically, the finished drawing will not be too far from the draft you planned! In the process of fine painting, of course, I personally recommend that each part can be finely painted by 50% first and then be refined in other places. After the second place is refined by 50%, you can check whether the overall state is what you want. If not, is to enhance the details? Enhance light and shadow? Or does the whole thing need a little tweaking? At this time, you can open a new layer to make some attempts, so that even if you make mistakes, it is easier to modify. If the effect is not what you want after trying, then try another way! In this way, we can adjust the light, shadow and tone of each part to be more harmonious, without having to wait until one part is completed to find out that it does not seem to be in harmony with other parts. Of course, I didn't add the background after I finished painting the characters. I put the basic background color on the background during the process of painting the characters, because this will also allow me to draw the characters in detail according to the overall tone of the painting.

If you want to see the painting process, you can watch the video directly below! But currently only Chinese.

Okay! I am happy to share with you this series of drawings of Carole & Tuesday characters. Although each of us has different drawing habits, some drawing techniques are indeed suitable for many people. Like I used to like to draw faces before drawing the body, but every time I start to draw the body after I finish painting the face, no matter how I draw it, it’s weird. I didn’t start using this method until I saw that many masters have the habit of making overall drafts. At first, I felt that I'm not used to it, but after drawing a few times, I can really feel that my drawing efficiency has greatly improved! I hope the tips I share can help you a little bit, so that you will no longer be stuck in the dilemma! If you have anything you want to share with me, welcome to comment below or use social media or email to share with me! Looking forward to seeing you can also draw your favorite anime characters~




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