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Human proportion makes your figure drawing beautiful!!!

Hi cutie, I am Comic black rainbow!!!

After explaining the realistic and cute head proportion before, a little cutie asked on Bilibili if I could explain human proportion.

I think after learning to draw faces, you will want to know the proportion of the human body.

After all, a lot of people often draw faces, but when they want to draw half-body or whole body, they realized that they don’t know how to grasp the proportion of the human body.

So today I want to share with you the proportion of the human body.

When you draw half-body or whole body, you can use it as a reference.

And stop drawing stickman!!!

Further reading you might find interesting:

Source:Andrew Loomis “Figure Drawing for All Its Worth”

In fact, compared to the Japan anime tutorial, I tend to look for tutorials from American masters.

Because the average value that is closer to real humans.

On the other hand, it is also a good proportion easily to remember.

After understanding the structure of the real human body, when you learn the tutorial from Japan anime, you would be more aware of how Japan anime is transformed from real humans as a reference.

And it doesn’t cause you are to draw bound by the simplified concept when you are trying to draw realistic or delicate body lines and muscles.

And Andrew Loomis’ comic teaching is the circulation and authoritative knowledge around the world.

The description of human proportion from a lot of maters basically would not leave this easy-to-understand proportional position.

If you think the essay is not clear, welcome to watch the video on my Youtube channel.

This time I also made the auxiliary line of human proportion for you to practice.

You can download it and follow the YouTube video instructions step by step to practice.

First of all, the average proportions of the average adult height to get a better memory is eight heads, I will grab the body height first.

After grabbing the height, then grab the width of the body, the upper body can start drawing.

After grabbing the width of shoulders, chest, and pelvis, it is much easier to draw the upper body!

When drawing the lower body, the leg shape of the calf needs an understanding of the leg muscles so that you can draw it beautifully! But because it is mainly about explaining the proportion of the human body this time, I won’t give much explanation here. I would make related tutorials in the future!

Then the arm part is the same as the relative position of the body, it will be easier to draw!

After drawing the proportion of male, we can draw the proportion of female, a female is shorter than male, and the proportion is slightly different from male.

Female's nipples, navels, and crotch are all below the scale line, other parts are on the scale line.

After we finish the female proportion, the overall body proportion of male and female is done!

Actually it’s still the same talk.

The above is just the proportion of realistic human body sorted out by the experience from many masters.

When you are creating, you still can make adjustments and settings according to our character’s personality, situation, etc.

So the proportion is not an absolute value, but to help you have a basic knowledge.

So after reading the explanation, download the auxiliary line of human proportion and try to draw it by yourself!

Recently, I have continuously produced content that can help you to progress in painting. I also hope that you can provide ideas and feedback so that I can make more information and knowledge about painting in more interesting ways! I am very happy that you read this article and hope it helps you! But the most important thing is that after reading this article, video, and downloading the auxiliary line, you have to practice it by yourself so that you have an impression! If you have any question or opinion, please tell me in the comment below or share with me with social media or mail!!!




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