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How to draw hair? This tip makes you draw hair so easily!

Hi cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

After I posted two tutorials to teach you how to draw eyes,

A cutie said that drawing hair is so difficult,

He hopes I can make a tutorial about how to draw hair.

I know that many people think that the hair structure is very complicated,

The head is knotted just by seeing many hairstyles…

So today I want to use a simple technique to help you quickly know how to analyze the structure of each hairstyle, and draw all kinds of different hairstyles! Let you know how to draw hair!

So are you ready and prepare paper and pen? Let's started!

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First of all, let’s analyze the hairstyle. From this photo, I first analyze the structure of the bangs (red) and try to think about the hair with a cloth as much as possible, instead of thinking about how to draw hair details. It will be easier when you use the way of thinking on the canvas to analyze the hair structure. Next, let’s take a look at the green part. Don’t think about the hair tilt-up below. Use a large area of the cloth to bring the entire structure. It will be easier to grasp the structure of this hairstyle.

After you know the structure, you will see that I draw the structure of the red and green areas like the middle picture.

Then, we wipe off the arrow and leave only the line draft, and the hairstyle will actually come out!

If you want to make it black, just paint the hair details.

Let’s look at the hairstyle of this boy. I found a simple boy hairstyle as a demonstration. I divided the hair structure into two parts, one is like the lid (red), and the other is shaved on the side part (green), and the star is the point where the hair grows, and the hair grows from here to all around.

We use the same method to draw the hairstyle. Although after analyzing the hair structure here, it is a bit strange to draw the hair structure with a cloth-like cover, it doesn’t matter, something magical will happen next!

See!!! We can draw the hair from the star, and you won't feel weird after you draw all hair from here! But because the bangs are flat, I painted a bit flatter.

After drawing the hair in detail, add black under some hair strands to increase the three-dimensionality of the hair.

Let's take a look at the hairstyles of the girl with long hair. Like the hairstyle in this photo, I will divide the bangs (red) part and the long hair part (green) into two parts.

The same way to analyze the structure with a large area of the cloth is not very difficult, you can do ut! We will come to this result! Then, after understanding the structure, draw it and it will look like the picture above!

Wipe off the arrow and draw the hair strands. In fact, the entire hairstyle will come out. If you want to make the hair black, you can color it.

It finished!!!

Finally, let’s take a look at how to analyze the handsome hairstyle. The red part is a little more complicated. In fact, it can be divided into several pieces. But in order to make it easier for you to analyze, I still make this hairstyle show two parts. In the red part, the bangs are erected, but it is a bit irregular behind, but this does not prevent us from catching a large area!

We use a large area to capture the red and green parts.

Then slowly draw the hair on these two areas. It doesn't matter if the drawing is irregular at this time, it will look more natural. Sometimes the hair is drawn too regular and it looks fake and unnatural.

If you want to make your hair look more delicate, you can paint the hair more carefully to make the whole hairstyle look more layered and vibrant!

So through this tutorial, do you have a better understanding of how to draw hair?

Today’s teaching,

I made a hair drawing practice chart.

Several bald heads are placed in the practice chart.

You can find some hairstyles you like on the Internet or in hair magazines for reference.

The upper row is for you to practice drawing the structure of your analyzed hairstyle.

The bottom row is for you to practice drawing details after you analyze the structure.

There are demonstrations in the practice chart for reference.

After clicking the link to download the file,

You can print it out or directly use the digital drawing for practice!

After more analysis,

I believe you can draw many different hairstyles easily!!!

I am very happy that you read this tutorial. In fact, for many people who like to draw, it is really not that easy to draw hair at first. Especially some people who want to draw hair well, sometimes they accidentally make it so stiff… and it looks not like hair! It will be very frustrated at this time...but it doesn't matter, I am right beside you! Hope this tutorial can help you! Let you paint hair no longer feel so frustrated! If you have any question or opinion, please tell me in the comment below or share with me with social media or mail, thank you for reading my blog!!!




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