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Quickly make beginner master the practice of drawing lines

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

I believe you who will read this tutorial should be a beginner who wants to start learning to draw.

You've seen a lot of pictures drawn by many people are so beautiful, so you also want to draw nice paintings, this is the voice of many beginners.

But often after starting to draw, you see the drawing is crooked, you would feel frustrated...

But don't worry! To solve the problem of poor painting, I made this tutorial especially for the zero-based painting beginner.

Let you understand why you should learn and practice drawing lines and how to practice drawing nice lines.

So get your pen and paper ready and practice along!

PS. If you still can’t draw lines after practicing, please see the solution at the end of this article!

Why learn and practice drawing lines?

The composition of a painting is composed of three elements: point, line and surface. It is not impossible to use "point" to draw a picture, but it will be time-consuming. It is also possible to use "surface" to draw a picture, but the painting will be relatively lacking a lot of detail. At this time, drawing with "line" becomes the most flexible way!

Because the line drawing is shorter, it will look like a "point", and if you draw a range, it will be a "surface". In addition, the line is also a drawing technique that can be easily mastered, so the line has become a must-have drawing method for many painters, and now many people need to draw drafts and line drawings. At this time, drawing lines has become an indispensable skill!

How to tell the right and wrong way to draw lines?

  • The most serious line drawing mistake is to draw a jittery line. It is obviously a line drawn without a reason and hesitant, rather than a line drawn decisively and smoothly.