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5 mistakes you must avoid when drawing anime sketches

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

Will you directly pick up a pen and sway and draw on a whim?

Whether you have a pencil, an automatic pen, or a ballpoint pen, when the line art is finished, there will always be places that need to be blacked out or add shadows to make your drawing more layered.

But here comes the problem!

No matter how you draw, you can't draw well.

The whole picture looks weird.

But can't tell what's wrong!

It doesn't matter!

That's why I'm here to share with you the tutorial.

Avoid These 5 Mistakes in Anime Sketching, you will find that your anime sketches get better and better!

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Usually when we draw sketches, we first draw the outline we want to draw, that is the part of the line draft. Some people may start to feel that they are drawing strange before they have finished the line draft. Yes, it is usually caused by the lack of awareness of the basic three-dimensional sense of painting, and the disorder of the lines themselves! So in the drawing line draft stage, if you have these two problems, you can take the following solutions!

1.No knowledge and conception of basic painting skills

Usually, the lack of awareness in this area is caused by the lack of knowledge about painting! At this time, you need to think about it, what kind of knowledge is the result of your lack of knowledge? If you don't know how to draw a three-dimensional sense, you can look at how to draw geometric objects or perspective. If you don't know how to draw the movements of characters or animals, you need to check the information on the human body structure or animal body structure. If you want to draw something cute feeling, you can look at the secret of drawing cute feeling or how to draw proportions... Actually, it is not difficult to learn to draw, you only need to have some drawing knowledge and actions!

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2.Line draft is messy

How can you tell if your lines are messy? The line is not straight, a line needs to be drawn with a lot of fine and hairy lines, a line will hook up or become spring after drawing... These are all messy lines, unless you draw messy lines with a purpose, otherwise, in general, the messy line art is because you are drawing lines with wrong way, and there is a trick to drawing good-looking lines! When drawing a line, draw it boldly and neatly! Even if there is no way to draw to the end in one stroke, when wiring, make the overall lines clean and smooth, so that when we want to add shadows or black out later, the picture will not appear more messy!

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After drawing the line draft, we usually want to use hatching to draw shadows or some details to show the layering of the picture. But at this time, if you are not very familiar with the tricks of drawing lines, at the beginning, you must draw the line out of the shadow range, or draw the line that is not full of the shadow range, or in the process of drawing the entire shadow block, the line will be dark or light. But it doesn't matter, this is not the sign what "You can't draw"? Don't be nervous! It's just a sign that you haven't caught the trick yet! So the following are the practices that can be solved for these three problems, you can refer to.

3.The hatching of the shadows are dark and light

When your hatching are dark or light, it means that the strength of your strokes is inconsistent, so you need to practice drawing hatching until you find that the hatching you draw have more than 80% consistency of depth and light, then indicates that you have a certain degree of control over the strength of your strokes.

4.If you always draw the line out of the shaded range

You can practice with a full grid, the grid size should not be too large, try to be within 3*3 cm, and then practice that the head and tail of the lines you draw can be just at the edge of the grid, through this practice, you will gradually master the drawing line distance.

5.If you can't draw the line to the shadow range

In addition to the above practice, you can do the practice of connecting hatching to hatching. This drawing method is suitable for drawing a large range of shadow blocks. This part is a bit more difficult, because you don't only need to master the shadow hatching of one block is the same, and it needs to seamlessly follow the hatching of another block, but if you master the distance between the stroke and the seam of the hatching block, then whether you want to draw the shadow of a large block or a small block, it will not fail you! In short, sketching shadows at this level is no longer your Achilles heel!

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The above is when sketching anime sketches, the pits that are easy for beginners to step on.

Have you stepped on a few of them too?

Just take it anytime according to each wrong practice solution, you will find the anime sketches you draw will become more and more beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

I am happy that you read this article, I hope it helps! If you find that your drawing doesn't seem to be caused by these errors, but you can't tell what's wrong, don't worry! please feel free to comment below or use social media or mail to share with me! I hope that through today's tutorial, you will be able to avoid some of the wrong paths! I also look forward to seeing you draw anime sketches that you are satisfied with!

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