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6 Mindsets Be A Drawing Master

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow

I believe many cuties want to be able to draw the realm they want to achieve

Most people who can actually achieve this have basically reached a certain level of painting

But why some painters can't express their emotions on works with their powerful skills?

And some painters can shake people with simply drawing?

In addition to a lot of practices on basic skills

What secrets behind masters to make people crazy about their work

Today, I will share with you 6 mindsets be a master

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1. Accept errors in failures and fix it

I once heard an elder say, "If you don't think you are wrong, you will never change to be right." The premise of improving is to make changes. Before you change, if you don't want to admit your mistakes, there won't be motivated to change. So accepting corrections and making changes is a stepping stone to make you a master!

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2. Hug uncomfortable feelings and try new things

It's not about skills, it's about thoughts. If you stay in the comfort zone and do what you are good at, it means that you still don't have the confidence to break through your ability and it will stop you from learning to draw. So whether you try new drawing tools, brushes, or try new styles and themes, all of them are a way to step out of your comfort zone.

Try new things that you are not good at, and accept these uncomfortable processes, it's not only can help you learn, grow and progress in drawing, these different experiences and feelings will also Inspire you.

3. Lots of effective correct practices(action)

A lot of practices may not be able to improve your skills, because drawing what you are good at is not practice. The intensity of the practice that you want to improve should be between your comfort zone and danger zone. The correct practices are effective for you to grow. The key to the effectiveness of progress is whether your practices can strengthen your thinking ability and allow you to learn. Each person's drawing level is different, and the practice methods and goals are different. So exploring and finding the practice method that suits you is also your homework!

4. Improve your aesthetic

The aesthetic is a very difficult ability to judge and improve, because the construction of personal aesthetics lies in his culture, sociality, environment, class status, family background, personal preferences, etc. If you want to enhance your aesthetic to enhance the work level, in addition to in-depth exploration of creative ideas and motivations from masterpieces of various styles, finding teachers with rich aesthetic experience (such as me ) as the object of learning is also a shortcut to improve personal aesthetic!

5. Endure shame and accept loneliness and focus on your own path

Many cities have a lot of frustrations in the way of painting, whether it is ridiculed by relatives and friends to paint ugly, or their parents have no hope of drawing, etc. Along the way, your past is full of a lot of history of blood and tears, scars, tears, and loneliness (believe me, you are not the only ones, but you just don't meet the people with the same experience). I think the only way to face the humiliation from others and personal loneliness is to focus on your own path. When you focus and enjoy the sweetness and bitterness of the journey, you have no time and energy to put the gossip from others in your heart. People who focus on their own path need the ability to face themselves, only those who can't be alone will feel lonely

6. Belief and persistence

What is your original intention of drawing? What does drawing mean to you? I think these answers will be your conviction and motivation to keep enthusiastic, but people are forgetful! Moreover, when encountering difficulties and frustrations, we will want to give up inevitably. How difficult is it to maintain faith and persist in this situation? So I would suggest that when you do anything, you can set yourself a short-term goal and rewards, and celebrate it after each achievement, as an encouragement and motivation to support yourself!

In all areas of skill, like sports / martial arts / magic / music / dance, even sales / entrepreneurship, etc.

Those who can become masters seem easy to show their skills and amazing results.

In fact, they just take every step more firmly than everyone else.

In addition to a lot of basic skills practice, basic attitude and mentality are also the key elements for success.

I am happy that you read this article because this article looks like I preach you a sermon! Hahaha! As you know, a lot of principles are easy to learn but hard to do! Because of this, I also hope that I can do my best to accompany everyone in the process of painting, and I hope to help you!

If you have any questions or opinions, please feel free to comment below or use social media or mail to share with me! I look forward to your progress and improvement in the painting journey, and I also look forward to seeing the unique works from you guys!




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