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Always feel it difficult to draw? 3 big mistakes of drawing mentality keep you draw something bad

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

Do you often feel it difficult to draw?

Do you always have ideas in your head but you can't draw them?

Are you in a bad mood and can't sway your pen?

In fact, apart from technical problems, such as wrong practice, learn the wrong things... etc.

The most important thing is your mentality.

So today I want to share with you,

What kind of the wrong mentality makes us feel that drawing is difficult.

If you also have the following wrong mentality,

Don’t worry, read the article,

You will learn how to adjust drawing mentality to the correct direction.

It makes you feel that drawing is actually very easy!

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You have unrealistic expectations

It is normal for people to have unrealistic ideas, but if we are too serious, it is easy for us to have unrealistic expectations.

There are many unrealistic expectations, for example, painting skills have grown rapidly from beginner to Kim Jung-ki, painting reach has exploded as Loish, earn money withdrawing as Oda Eiichiro... In fact, even if you expect to get one-tenth of them, it is still unrealistic. Because if you know the painting efforts behind their achievements, you will find that your efforts may be less than one percent of them. Their efforts are accumulated over a long period of time, not overnight. Even if we work full-time for a year without their results, this is normal. Whether you are pursuing painting skills, popularity, or money, these are all accumulated over a long period of time. Through the results of our hard work, we will be more aware that these results are hard to come by, and we will know how to cherish them. Something free, cheap, and easy to obtain will never be more precious than hard-won things!

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You are pursuing the wrong vanity

It is human nature to love vanity. A slight love for vanity allows us to enjoy the joy of life, but if we rely on it, it will only make us more and more concerned about others' vision, even to the point of suffering.

Some people find it so difficult to draw because they can't draw a picture that can be praised or get a lot of likes. Or they can paint a popular style of painting, but they like a less popular style. They want to draw with unpopular style but also want to get popular results, this kind of contradiction and pain will also make people feel that painting is so difficult.

When we pursue the wrong vanity, we will start to spend time focusing on how to satisfy others. As to satisfy our own vanity, obsessed with being praised and get likes, just to make ourselves look more decent, make ourselves feel great, and get a short sense of accomplishment, instead of focusing on how to improve ourselves drawing skills, aesthetics, content value, etc. It will only make us less praised and feel great frustration and sadness at the time. Even if we were praised, it would not make us truly satisfied for a long time!

Think about it from another angle. Have you ever had a similar experience, when you see a person beautiful, you don't praise him or her? Or when you comment on a picture, it's not because the picture is really good, but because you resonate with the content of the painting? So sometimes the praise given to you by others may not come from their sincerity, and unspoken compliments are not necessarily disapproval. Others’ appreciation or dislike shouldn't be your main motivation for painting. Because if you spend too much time in pursuit of this false vanity, and neglect the things that can satisfy yourself for a long time, you will feel tired and empty over time.

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You are afraid of failure

In fact, there are many things we want to do, but one of the reasons that always hinders us is the fear of failure. When we can't draw the picture in our mind, or we can't satisfy our expectations and vanity, we may feel that we are constantly encountering failures and frustrations. Even when drawing in the future, constantly remembering the pain of failure will make us feel a sense of contradiction and rejection of drawing that want to make the drawing good but are afraid that the drawing is not good, and continue to struggle in contradictions. It let us lack frequent correct practice, and make us stuck in the cycle of unable to progress, of course, it will be difficult to draw for you! How to improve this problem? How to reduce unrealistic expectations, stop pursuing the wrong vanity, and courageously face failure? That is to focus on yourself!

When drawing, focus on yourself

When we do anything, we must ask our innermost self "In addition to externally acquired things, what do I hope what the thing I can get from my works?" Ask yourself why you draw? What do you want to get through drawing?

For example, I want to draw works that move me, or I want to use paintings to express my deep emotions, or I want to tell a story with my paintings, or I want to use my painting skills to gain a sense of accomplishment... etc.

Start with self-satisfaction. When you can get a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from drawing, you can have these motivations to continue painting without worrying too much. When you can get satisfaction in the moment of drawing, you won’t expect too much from false vanity and unrealistic ideas! Focus on yourself when you are drawing, and you will experience the purest state of mind flow that is the least affected by these wrong mentalities in the process of drawing!

For those who like to draw,

No matter when you think drawing is easy or difficult.

In general, drawing is a beautiful thing!

If drawing makes you frustrated, lost, and painful more than happy and satisfy,

It is likely that drawing is not suitable for you.

Because if you can't really like drawing from the bottom of your heart,

And you can't get a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from it.

How can you paint it wholeheartedly?

So through the process of drawing and focusing on self-examination,

You will also slowly discover what drawing means to you.

I am so happy that you read this article. In the process of drawing, if you always feel it difficult and feel tired about it, please comment below or use social media or mail to share your thoughts with me. I understand that in the process of drawing, there will always be some setbacks and difficulties, but sometimes it is not just a matter of drawing skills, but more about our thoughts and mentality. So sometimes we change our thoughts or adjust to the correct mentality, it will actually become relatively simple, and the drawing will become more interesting and easier!




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