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How to Learn Anime Drawing 1 - Two Mindsets Make Your Drawing Better

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

Are you a beginner who wants to learn drawing?

You haven't started drawing, and don't know how to learn it?

There are always doubts in the hearts of many cuties who want to learn to draw.

"Is it difficult to draw?" "It takes a long time to learn to draw ..."

"I even can't write well, how about drawing!"

(Writing and drawing are different skills, I am not very good at writing XD)

In fact, no matter what kind of skills.

It's impossible to make you a master in a day, a week, or a month.

Even practicing your muscles won't make you a Bodybuilder in a month.

Not to mention other skills that are learned by exercising the muscles in your head.

So before you want to learn how to draw, you need to understand why you want to learn to draw first.

With clear goals and the establishment of a mentality.

It is not easier to get lost or frustrated during the learning process

So before you learn to draw.

Read and understand this part carefully at first.

Hope it will be helpful in your journey of painting!

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Why do you learn anime drawing?

Ask yourself before doing anything, why? Why learn? This is important because when we do something without knowing why we are, it is easy to be affected by the eyes of others, outside opinions, social values, and even feel lost and stop touching what we do. First of all, if you like to draw and simply enjoy the fun of drawing without pressure, then no matter how your works are good or bad, you don’t need to care about what others say and think. If you want to own the skill of drawing, it depends on what your goal is. Do you want to draw until you are satisfied with the work? The skill is needed for work? Or is it a profession you want to do? All the above reasons will affect the way, direction, and development of drawing and learning, so it is imperative to determine your goals.

Always compare with yourself

When we set a goal, don't forget to evaluate how far the start point of your station is from the endpoint of the target. It takes time to reach the goal, right? Whether you are happy to draw or have a specific goal, we always like to focus on our opponents, or the point of view of the outside world, rather than the goal. This easily makes us get distracted and get ourselves too serious in this matter. Your life and time should be your priority items. So it is most important to focus on your own runway instead of paying attention to others.

There is no perfection

In fact, there is always a goal in our hearts. We hope to be who we want to be! When we fail to achieve the goal we want, we will feel lost, and even begin to doubt ourselves or blame ourselves. But don't forget that there is no perfection, even masters still are unsatisfied with their works sometimes. Once we reach and are satisfied with perfection, we would stop progressing, so perfection will not make you a better person. On the contrary, no matter how bad you think your work is, you can’t make your skills worse! So what are you waiting for? Let's start learning to draw!

After trying to draw

Did you find anything terrible?

It isn't, right!?

Instead, you found that the drawing is a little cute, right!?

In this case, let's experience the joy of drawing first!

Actually drawing is human nature

Human graffiti has been around for thousands of years.

They are not afraid anymore, what are you afraid of?

Learning how to draw is actually a joy

It even can calm our hearts down

So enjoy it!

Whether you are new to drawing, or you already draw every day, I am happy that you read this article, I hope you have started drawing and enjoy the fun of drawing!!! If you have any feedback, new discoveries, or practices that you find helpful in drawing, please feel free to comment below or use social media or mail to share with me! I hope the content I provided is helpful to you! I hope you can experience the fun of drawing while you are studying painting, and I also look forward to seeing the new works from you guys!




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