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Quickly make beginner master the practice of drawing lines

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

I believe you who will read this tutorial should be a beginner who wants to start learning to draw.

You've seen a lot of pictures drawn by many people are so beautiful, so you also want to draw nice paintings, this is the voice of many beginners.

But often after starting to draw, you see the drawing is crooked, you would feel frustrated...

But don't worry! To solve the problem of poor painting, I made this tutorial especially for the zero-based painting beginner.

Let you understand why you should learn and practice drawing lines and how to practice drawing nice lines.

So get your pen and paper ready and practice along!

PS. If you still can’t draw lines after practicing, please see the solution at the end of this article!

Why learn and practice drawing lines?

The composition of a painting is composed of three elements: point, line and surface. It is not impossible to use "point" to draw a picture, but it will be time-consuming. It is also possible to use "surface" to draw a picture, but the painting will be relatively lacking a lot of detail. At this time, drawing with "line" becomes the most flexible way!

Because the line drawing is shorter, it will look like a "point", and if you draw a range, it will be a "surface". In addition, the line is also a drawing technique that can be easily mastered, so the line has become a must-have drawing method for many painters, and now many people need to draw drafts and line drawings. At this time, drawing lines has become an indispensable skill!

How to tell the right and wrong way to draw lines?

  • The most serious line drawing mistake is to draw a jittery line. It is obviously a line drawn without a reason and hesitant, rather than a line drawn decisively and smoothly.

  • A line needs to be drawn with many short lines of miscellaneous hair.

  • Draw a line to become either a hook or a spring.

  • Draw lines too hard, resulting in lines that look like rigid lines with the same head and tail, without the detail.

  • Wiring obviously failed.

  • The correct line is the smooth drawing of the line without thinking.

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How to practice drawing lines?

Through the practice of drawing lines, we can become more accustomed to the feel of drawing pictures with strokes. Through the process of drawing lines, we will gradually learn how to control the strength of the hand, the stability of the hand, the pen, and the line!

Generally, when drawing lines, depending on the length of the lines you draw, the center of gravity of our hand drawing is different. If you draw a small range of lines, only move your fingers and keep other parts of the hand still.

When drawing a line in the middle range, you need to move your wrist, and the other does not move, and the finger does not need to be stiff, just keep holding the brush lightly.

When drawing a large range of lines, It is necessary to move the hand axis, but at this time, whether or not to move the wrist really depends on the personal drawing habit.

But nowadays, most people are not able to draw such a big picture, so basically, you only need to be proficient in small and medium-scale lines, and then you can start your painting journey! And the next few line practices for beginners of zero-based drawing, you can start trying to draw now!

1.Basic straight and horizontal hatching

Try to let yourself draw straight and horizontal hatching continuously and smoothly. Don't hesitate to draw each line, or draw slowly, and draw it with one stroke! Make every line a smooth, correct line.

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2.Basic curve, wavy hatching

The proficiency of the straight hatching should generally catch the trick quickly, and then we can challenge the next practice! It is the basic curve and the wavy hatching. The curve may be easier, but the wavy hatching will be more difficult. It is easy to draw a wavy line, but if the next wavy line can be smoothly combined with the previous wavy line, it is not so easy. It doesn't matter. Now we just need to practice eye-catching distance and hand-feeling to draw lines! Watch more, draw more, and you will slowly know how to draw accurate wavy lines at the exact location!

3.Hair lines practice

The wavy hatching is that each line must maintain a similar distance and is wavy, but the practice of drawing hair lines is another kind of difficulty. When drawing hair, you need to draw two lines or even multiple lines can land on the same point, or cross on the same point! A lot of people can't draw the junction point at the beginning, or when they draw multiple lines, each line is crooked and cannot fall on the same junction point, but the same as the previous practice, I said, The reason why we practice is to practice the coordination between the eyes and the hands, so don't give up when it's difficult, okay? You can definitely get the hang of it in many practice!

4.Wiring practice

When many people are drawing, there is actually no way to draw them to the end. This leads to many people who want to draw a line draft, but when the previous one is finished and the next one is about to be taken over, it has been unable to connect smoothly. Especially when drawing long hair, this problem will be more prominent, and the lines will look messy, so here we will practice to make the lines of the previous stroke and the next stroke can smoothly link!

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Cutie, after you pick up your pen and practice

Do you get a knack with drawing lines?

I know you may have just finished reading the article by now

You haven't taken out the pen and paper to start practicing

Or it is inconvenient to take out a pen and paper to practice now

It doesn't matter! Then wait when you have time

Take a piece of paper and a pencil or ballpoint and try it out!

Drawing is not as difficult as imagined

Once you are willing to take your first step

You will be on the road to painting

Gradually experience the fun of drawing!

Drawing smooth lines will become a super natural thing!

I'm glad you read this article, I hope it helps! If after practicing drawing lines, you are still frustrated with the lines you drew, it may not be a matter of the amount of practice or the way of practice, but that your mind is too impetuous! I have seen too many people just because they want to quickly end this seemingly boring practice, and quickly see the beautiful pictures with lines, and draw their impetuous mental state with lines of practice... But dear! All achievements are not achieved overnight. Rice, vegetables and fruits need to grow before they can be harvested. Rivers need the ice melt from the top of mountain before they can flow down. Why does it not take time for us to learn any skills?

I dare to say that as long as you calm down, you practice this line practice well doesn’t take a few days. If you still can’t draw well after calming down, Welcome to comment below or use social media or email to contact me. Share your questions! I look forward to seeing you draw a satisfactory picture with beautiful lines!



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