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How to draw anime character drawing with a pen?

Hi cutie, I am Comic black rainbow. Sometimes when you want to draw pictures in class or at the office, there is no ink or Digitizer. Can't you draw a picture? In fact, you just need a pen and a piece of paper, remember several principles, you can draw at any time and anywhere with a pen!

Before explaining how to draw a picture of three-dimensionality. Let me introduce three kinds of drawing ways that you just need a pen!!!

1. Outline

Usually figure is an important part of illustration outline because it is convenient and we have a certain contour basis to color. It will not add too much detail in the outline generally. Because after people draw all the outlines of the things, they would do more details of light and shadow on their works.

2. Comic draft

Before comic draft is in the shadow of dots, the most commonly used expression is similar to an outline. The same is the basic outline, but the comic draft will have more details, such as the use of points to express the block of the darkest side of the shadow, and the technique of showing the object faces and adds the three-dimensionality. Or using the line to draw a lighter shadow and block entire the face is covered by a shadow with black color directly, and the dark objects are completely blackened.

3. Realistic sketch

I think everyone knows what the realistic sketch! Draw a picture is as a photo. It is completely displayed on the canvas. The traditional use of pencil or charcoal, only black and white, it can show the shape and light of people and objects. But usually, it’s the most complicated strokes and more details in a realistic sketch.

After roughly understanding the types of three kinds of drawing way, you can use these three techniques to draw. If the article is not convenient for you to understand, you can watch my description on my Youtube channel.

This time, I will do the drawing demonstration with the role that many people know (Boku no Hero Academia - Deku).

1. First, let's draw the outline of the figure. The thickness of the lines is also a knowledge we have to learn. I will make another article to explant it, So you can read it. You don't need to draw everything or too much detail, because we will make a little detail after this. When you draw the online, some places that are basically not going to be illuminated, you can use points to make shadows.

Further reading you might find interesting:

2. After determining the main light, using a sketched way to draw shadows. You can circle the shadow surface first and draw it with the line so that it would increase the three-dimensionality of the picture. The density of the line will vary with the depth of the shadow.

3. Finally decide the darkest side!!! Don’t be afraid of black when you draw the darkest part. Be brave and directly black it just as comic!

After the explanation, do you have a better understanding of how to draw a picture using the principle of point, line, and surface? If you still can't understand, I suggest you find a draft or sketch that from your favorite painters, observing how the painter arranges the point, line, and surface on the picture. Try again!!! It would be easier to learn the skill from masters. Try to use a pen to express the three-dimensionality of the picture!!!

If you have any questions or opinions, please feel free to tell me in the comment below or use social media or mail to share with me! I am happy that you can read this article and hope it can help you! I also look forward to seeing your works!

PS. If there are any famous animation or movie characters recently, please tell me who is the one you want to see as a teaching demonstration!!!




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