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How to face others' attacks and criticisms on your paintings

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow. According to a previous article about putting bad works on the Internet. I want to discuss it with you in more detail. How to distinguish between attack and criticism. And how to face them.

PS. This article is commonly used to face your relatives, friends, and strangers.

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Criticism doesn't make any sense logically. In human nature, we like to deceive ourselves, and we prefer comfort than truth. We define the value of something by judging or even labeling. It makes us happy and realizes that we survive actually. By judging each little fact to make sure everything is fine.

There are two kinds of the result of judgment: facts and opinions.

The fact is descriptions of things we observe. Facts are observations confirmed by many people, and the results will be the same and are objective. (If not, they will never be facts)

The opinion is the fact of personal value. Viewpoints are constructed by observers and are more subjective than facts, so when many people hold the same opinion, it may look more like a fact

Criticism is based on facts. Some criticisms may seem like opinions, but in fact, they are based on the preferences and beliefs of some individuals behind the viewer. It is not about artistic sense, but more about psychological things. Understand what others want to tell us, and then decide what you want to do with it so that you can get real freedom to create without being bound by the outside world!

Sometimes we meet some boring people. After reading your work, they would blame you. We have to sympathize with such people because they need to attack others in order to get their illusionary superiority. When you are confident and unaffected by these boring attacks, these people are powerless.

Remember, criticism is about your work, not you. When your work is bad, it doesn't mean that you are bad. Even if you are criticized as a person who can't draw, you don't need to feel sad, because the standard for others to judge is from your work, not you. You can disagree with their criticism. But if it's a fact that you can't draw a figure well, it's not insulting. Being honest with yourself and accepting it is nothing to be ashamed of. No matter how harsh the opinions from others would be no longer harsh if you accept this fact and are willing to improve it. It would be ok, you can't draw well now.

I will give a few possible examples to you so that you can understand the meaning behind others' words:


Life is always full of attacks and criticisms. As a creator, paying attention to other people's views is always more than their own views, and they tend to regard other people's views as facts. It always feels hurt and leads to lower self-confidence when they are criticized. In fact, it is dangerous to use others' opinions to build self-confidence. As you would not easily give your life to others. When you change because of others' opinions, you are who want to change, when you are hurt by these criticisms and attacks, you are who let these attacks and criticisms hurt you. So get your own autonomy back! Except yourself, even your closest ones, can't hurt you! Only yourself, no one can stop you!

Never treat reviewers as enemies and respect their preferences and opinions, because no one is obliged to like your work. Others have the right to tell you that they don't like it, and you have the right to draw ugly, unrealistic, messy pictures, also have the right to refuse to satisfy others' requirements. But sometimes you can find some useful facts and opinions to help yourself based on their criticisms and suggestions. The more confident we are, the easier it is to distinguish useful suggestions from criticism. If others want to help you, thank them and take them to your heart. If others want to hurt you, don't bother them. To be a good creator, you need to learn a lot of things that are not so obvious at the beginning, and your open mind is one of them.

If you have any questions or opinions, please feel free to tell me in the comment below or use social media or mail to share with me! I am happy that you can read this article and hope it can help you! If you really love drawing, don't stop drawing because of others' gossip! Looking forward to the masterpieces from you all!




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