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How to Learn Anime Drawing 2 - This way makes you draw three-dimensional painting

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

I believe you already have some drawing experience and a foundation.

In the beginning, you enjoy the fun of drawing, but do you want to challenge yourself?

Now we will advance to the level of thinking that practices our brain muscles!

We face flat paper, it would easily lead us to the plane thinking when we are drawing.

So I want to share with you today, how to gradually upgrade the thinking from plane to three-dimensional!!!

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Build a geometry concept

Before you start to learn three-dimensional thinking, first, you have to learn to draw the basic element of all objects-three-dimensional geometry. You can place some simple objects on the desktop, and then start to try to draw them. In the beginning, you can draw basic spheres and cubes. You may think that it's easy and even boring at first, but you will find that what seems to be the most boring and basic practice will be the key to determining whether you are good or bad when drawing complex shapes in the future!!

Try to draw with geometric objects

Now you can try to draw cups, plates, furniture, and so on ... the shape is not too complicated to paint, but at this time you may start to feel a bit difficult! Your brain may feel a bit difficult, right?? When I was learning to draw pictures, it was almost at this stage that I began to feel that my brain reaction had slowed down. It seemed that I had been trained to think about how to draw objects in front of me! If you feel the same way, congratulations!!!! There is news good and bad! The good thing is that you start to walk out of your comfort zone and move towards the next level! The bad thing is that the process of practicing and thinking may make you feel tired and impatient. This is the same as going to the gym to train muscles, so don't give up or shrink back because of it! If you have clear goals and visions, are you willing to pay the corresponding price to get the final result? If so, let's continue! Let me go with you!

Draw advanced geometric objects

If you are familiar with drawing with geometric objects after painting a few times, you can start to try more complex objects, such as bookshelves and books on shelves, kitchen cabinets and bowls dishes, sinks, dishes, etc. At this time, you will find that it is another difficulty. You have to consider more things, the shape of the objects, the relative position of the objects, the distance between the objects, etc. Don't be discouraged, everything will be difficult at first. It will be more mentally difficult at the beginning and will be slower to draw. Accept the status quo. After trying a few times, the speed will definitely get faster and faster!

Try to flexibly draw with geometric objects

After you can control these structures of objects, drawing movable shapes will be another challenge! For example, in humans or animals, our muscles are elastic. As our movements, the relationship between muscles and bones will also change. If such relative relationships are not studied in more depth and long-term practice, it is an extremely difficult stage for those who learn to draw, because the shape is too flexible and complicated. We need to remember the relative positions of the muscles and the muscle deformation caused by changes in movement, etc. They are very subtle changes. So this stage is the most painful stage, but usually, people who can pass this stage would enter another realm of happily drawing. Before you want to watch the beautiful scenery, you need to go over the mountains and wading mountains. It's a price you have to pay! But in the end, you will find that it's all worth it!

From the stage of doodle to the stage of thinking,

It's actually the most difficult and time-consuming stages.

In the whole process of learning painting,

Everyone walks at a different speed.

You can never compare with others.

Comparison is not meaningful.

So you can evaluate your goals and your skills at this stage,

To adjust the pace of learning and practicing drawing.

I am happy that you read this article. If you have any frustration or problems in the process of practicing drawing please feel free to comment below or use social media or mail to share with me! I understand how difficult it is to practice drawing and thinking at this stage, but you are still willing to come to this stage, I want to applaud and praise you!!! Because it's not everyone can come to this step, at least you are willing to pay more effort than others. I believe you will get what you deserve! No matter how hard the process is passed, don't forget to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the journey of drawing!




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