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The ultimate guide to self-learn anime drawing

You want to learn to draw by yourself, but don't know where to start?

You have been lost in Youtube and Google searches, even after reading many of drawing tutorials from me, you still don't know how to start and feel overwhelmed...

Hello! Cutie, I'm Comic black rainbow.

I have realized your troubles!

To help you solve this problem, I made this ultimate guide to self-learn anime drawing, integrating many of the tutorials on self- learn anime drawing that I have done before.

Let me explain to you how you can start to learn how to draw anime by yourself!

This guide will be your best help to start your self- learn anime drawing journey!

Self-learn anime drawing elementary

First of all, I would suggest that you can read this first 3 steps let you self-learning anime drawing. When beginners learn to draw, they must first start drawing with things they like so that they can slowly enter the stage of pursuing improvement. I also explain the importance of a large number of references, the basic concepts of enhancing aesthetics and cultivating style in the subsequent stages in the tutorial.

Next, for beginners, at the beginning of drawing, you will start from the line, so the draft and basic skills are relatively important! I will suggest that you can read it first Want to learn to draw? 4 simple drawing practices for beginners. Because the simple practices explained here can help you who are clueless, knowing what kind of practices you can start to learn to draw. And 2 tips for hatching drawing, let your lines be as soft as your hair! It is through the practice of the strength you are drawing and the density of the lines, which can help you master the practice of the lines more! Finally, 3 Draw Lines Tips, Let You Draw A Beautiful Painting With Lines. It can help you learn how to master the presentation of lines more delicately!

Through the above 4 tutorials, you will be able to learn how to master line drawing and line performance. It is almost the first step for all beginners to learn to draw. So when you can master the line performance well, we can continue to the next stage!

Further reading you might find interesting:

Self-learn anime drawing intermediate

After having the basic drawing ability to master the line, everyone wants to improve their painting skills. At this time, painting real and flexible becomes the ability that many people pursue! “How to Learn Anime Drawing 2 - This way makes you draw three-dimensional painting” is to explain to you how to draw the three-dimensionality of the things we see. When we can learn how to disassemble or understand the level of the three-dimensional structure, it will be less and less difficult to make the pictures realistic and flexible! And“3 practices to improve beginners' drawing skills” is in addition to mention geometric disassembly and the database of the brain, the light and shadow practice will also be mentioned. After all, in addition to drawing a three-dimensional feeling with lines, the three-dimensional feeling that light and shadow can create will be stronger!

Sometimes people may encounter insufficient reference pictures. Reference pictures in this area are not easy to find, so you can read 3 free websites for practicing Time-limited sketching. It can help you to observe and study from various angles and movements when you practice drawing.

After reading the intermediate basic practices, you can also read these three teaching instructions on the basic skills of drawing. “What are the basic drawing skills? After learning the 4 skills, you can become a drawing master!”, ”How to learn the basic drawing skills?The key to be a master from a beginner!”, ”Painting barriers? Why do you fail to draw after learning the basic drawing skills?” It will explain in more detail what are the four basic skills of drawing and how to learn these skills.

Self-learn anime drawing advanced

In the last high-level part, I did was a little less than the elementary and intermediate tutorials, because the painters can rely on their keenness in painting to become their own teachers when they are at the high-level training! Therefore, the practice at this stage will be more advanced. If you have some basic painting skills, you want to know how many masters who have been painting in the industry for 20 or 30 years have refined, tempered, and maintained their painting skills you can read 5 practices that masters are daily doing to make your painting skills leap forward. After a lot of learning and practice, I believe that the ultimate goal that most painters want to pursue is to establish their own painting style. Then you can read The key to develop your drawing style. Through our understanding of the formation of painting style, we will know the preparation and direction needed to cultivate our own style. With the continuous self-improvement efforts and the passage of time, we will also establish our own painting style!

If you follow in the footsteps of this ultimate guide to self-learn anime drawing and participate in the study and practice step by step, then congratulations, you should not be too unfamiliar with anime drawing! Maybe you even have developed a basic drawing ability! If you still want to know some tips, or a guide to improve your drawing skills, you can download it from the free resources on my website. I hope to provide some help on the road of anime drawing, so that you will not be overwhelmed and loss! If you have any questions or thought, please leave comment below or use social media or mail to share with me! Remember, no matter how you paint, you have to enjoy the ups and downs experienced in the journey of anime drawing, because painting is a process of self-satisfaction in peace!




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