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How to steal the essence from Western and Eastern paintings for anime painting

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow

Would traditional Western painting or eastern ink painting be ancient and boring things for you?

If they are

then you missed the opportunity to learn the essence from them!

Because of the accumulation of experience and wisdom

We can have such a colorful and beautiful environment that

development to the present day

So if you don’t learn something from these precious resources

It is a pity that we can be born in this generation!!!

Come to see what we can learn from these classics!

Further reading you might find interesting:

Western painting for anime

The biggest difference between western oil paintings and oriental paintings is that western oil paintings are very particular about the pursuit of logic and reality. Through the paintings of masters such as Raffaello, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, etc. Everyone knows that Western painting had a very mature perspective and anatomical concept during the Renaissance. Many people may think that Western painting is better than Eastern painting, but in fact, it is not so. Culture and art have no so-called high or low. It’s just the difference of the medium, purpose, function, and the respective desires to express. If you want to learn something from a Western painting, the best part is to learn perspective, anatomy, light and shadow arrangement, and composition from these works. For those who like to draw, learning this knowledge may be quite boring, after all, It is very logical and rational knowledge. Everyone will know the basics, just like 1 + 1=2, but as the complexity is stacked one by one, you will find it more and more difficult. Just like learning mathematics, many cuties who learn to draw chose to give up when they encountered the difficulty it. But usually, people who cross this difficulty will improve their skills faster! So don't underestimate what you can learn from Western painting!

Eastern painting for anime

The biggest difference between traditional eastern ink painting and western painting is that traditional eastern painting emphasizes freehand, spirit, and background. An important part of the eastern painting is blankness, and the focus is on artistic conception, because eastern painting is the most common it expresses a kind of Tao and silence, a spirit of the spiritual level. And it uses lines as the basic elements of painting instead of perspective and anatomy. It does not mean that eastern painting is worse! It’s just that the focus is different, and of course, the results presented are different. Just like in Asia, we like to eat sweet red beans, but in Europe and America, they like salty red beans. It’s the same we eat red beans, but we like different flavors, so we make the cooking are also different. It’s the same in drawing, the focus we want to express is different, the things we draw must be different! If you want to learn something from an eastern painting, the best part is to learn the blanking techniques, the use of lines, and the mastery of ink from these works. The subject matter of the eastern painting is mainly natural scenery. Don't miss the opportunity of eastern painting if you like to draw scenery! In addition, Ukiyo-e in Japan is often used in anime paintings, and the use of lines is also of the great reference value, so don't underestimate the power of eastern paintings in anime!

After understanding the differences between Eastern and Western painting and what to learn, would you start to study them?

Actually, there is an art in every culture.

Leaving mainstream culture, if you see the culture of other small areas, you will find some great material!

For example, Southeast Asian countries have their own traditional patterns.

Indonesia, Thailand, India, Malaysia, etc.

The patterns often painted in paintings or products can also be a very good material.

Just like in Disney animation, they took the culture of Norway and made Frozen and Coco come from Mexican culture.

To be a creator, don't be limited by the environment you live in!

If you have a chance, go abroad, and take a look, feel the breath of different cultures, absorb more knowledge from different cultures, understand the beauty of different cultures.




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