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What are the basic drawing skills? After learning the 4 skills, you can become a drawing master!

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

Many people who like to draw may be interested in drawing at first, and they draw whatever they like.

If they don't know how to draw anything, they just find a reference picture to draw.

But their drawing has reached a stage, they will find that progress is limited.

No matter how many photos or references are found at this time, there may be no way to help them break through the dilemma encountered in the drawing.

What is the problem that prevents them from drawing to the next level?

This time I will share with you what the basic drawing skills are, and what are the basic drawing skills allow us to make rapid progress, and improve our drawing skills to the realm of painter-level!

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Basic drawing skills

The so-called basic skills are the most basic part of a profession, just like the foundation of a house, no matter how high the house is, it may collapse in strong wind or earthquake. For any skill, if the basic skills are not solid, you may encounter some difficulties in the future. The situation encountered in the drawing may not be that serious. But if it is like sports, martial arts, vocal music... etc., these are practical skills, if the basic skills are not practiced well, and you only want to show off your gorgeous skills for a while, you may encounter the problem of premature deterioration of body muscles and joints in the future. Because drawing is not so serious, it also leads many people to ignore basic drawing skills.

How important are the basic drawing skills?

In fact, we don't need to explain how important basic drawing skills are. We just need to talk about the help and benefits of the basic drawing skills, you will naturally know how important basic drawing skills are!

If you can learn the basic drawing skills and practice them correctly, whether you are a beginner in drawing or have already become a master of drawing, you can once again promote your painting skills, creativity, and performance to another level through the basic drawing skills. It’s how great the basic drawing skills! The basic drawing skills are the general principles, whether it is for beginners or masters, this general principle can be learned and used by everyone. This general principle will not change due to different stages, just like the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of mathematics, trigonometric functions; Beats, scales, music theory, etc. in the field of music. Although these basic skills have not changed, people will find different results when they learn and exercise them again at different stages. Even some people who review and practice basic drawing skills at different stages have a different understanding, or have new inspiration!

So next, I want to introduce these basic drawing skills to you, let you know what knowledge and skills will accompany you in the world of drawing. Enjoy the fun of swaying and the achievements of improving ability in the world of painting. I classify the basic skills of drawing into the following four categories.

1. Use of painting material

To do good work, you must first sharpen your tools. If you want to make good works, you must need good tools. If you have good tools, but you don’t know how to use them or give full play to their functions, how can you make good works? Therefore, any experts must have an understanding of the tools they use, and the most important thing is to know how to use them! So if you paint with oil painting, you must have an understanding of the oil paint, if you draw with watercolor, you have to know the characteristics of watercolor and gouache and how to use them to paint what you want to express, if you draw digital painting, you have to understand the software you are using and know how to make the effect you want. Familiar with your tools, and proficient in using this tool, you can know how to use it to the extreme, and sometimes there are many ways to play. So only by constantly trying and having fun, you will discover the new way to play it!

2. Mastery the contour

The so-called mastery of the contour means that at least you can use points, lines, and planes to draw something you want to draw. Whether you want to paint human bodies, animals, machinery, natural scenery, architecture, objects... etc., You must have the basic ability to draw these themes. It tests your understanding of these structures. Sometimes in order to be able to draw these things, you even have to study the structure of these themes to help you draw some details, or make them more convincing, and even in the future, you can create these themes without references!

3. Value and color

Some people will look at value and color separately, but because some painters may only draw black-and-white illustrations and comics, and don’t use color. And light and shadow often greatly affect the performance of color in painting, so I simply put them together into one category. The shading in light and shadow is to help us make paintings more three-dimensional and realistic when painting. When we can slowly master the value, and then add color elements, we will find the changes in light and shadow colors in the drawing can be so diverse. Different colors of light and shadow can play different tricks, which can help us express the atmosphere of the painting!

4. Perspective and composition

Perspective and composition are generally discussed separately, but because many excellent paintings can highlight the three-dimensional sense, so I simply group perspective and composition together for discussion here. Perspective is usually more difficult than composition. Perspective is a rule for drawing the three-dimensional sense of a painting. Therefore, many painters who are not very good at perspective may feel that drawing perspective is painful. But if you are well trained in perspective, drawing a super cool picture would be not difficult for you! And even if you are not drawing the perspective of a scene, if you want to draw the human body, animals, machinery, architecture, etc. you want to draw them well and three-dimensionally, you need to have some basic concepts of perspective in order to draw these complex shapes well. This is the basic skill you can't escape! The composition is a skill for the painter to use the arrangement and performance of the picture to tell a story. The simple flat composition is not difficult, but if you want to play with three-dimensional composition, the perspective will be an indispensable skill. Only by practicing perspective well can make your three-dimensional composition to be well!

After reading the basic skills above,

Is there any part that you haven't started learning and practicing?

Some people like to learn what they are interested in first,

Some people like to learn from the difficult part first,

But no matter where you start learning, I will praise you,

Because you finish reading this article,

It means you must want to know more about drawing and learn to draw,

With such a mind,

I believe that as long as you are willing to learn and practice drawing more independently,

You will definitely get the fruits of your hard work in the near future!

I am so happy that you read this article. Finally, if you have any questions or opinions, please feel free to tell me in the comment below or use social media or mail to share with me!




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