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Draw head up in this way, make your characters beautiful!!!

Hi cutie, I am Comic black rainbow

After I share the three videos about head proportions, do you draw a beautiful portrait?

After watched those videos, there is Cutie asks me how to draw head up, because she always draws it weird.

She is the first Cutie to ask me a question, so I made this blog and video to reply to this good question.

Today I will share with you how to draw head up so that we don’t draw a weird head up!!!

It would be better if we can draw a beautiful character head up.

Ok, let take a look!!!

You can watch my Youtube video, there is a clearer explanation.

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Let’s take a look at the illustration that looks up. The green part is our chin. It is the part that most people ignore and the difficult part to draw. The center of the chin becomes higher as the face looks up. The relative position of the cheekbones becomes lower. It’s easy to make your face deformed and looks like an aunty…not beauty…

Some cuties in order to omit the details of the chin, they will draw the face like the rightmost or lower drawing in the picture above. But these ways to draw head up look strange and ugly.

Then let's take a look at what kind of chin will look like a beautiful face.

In the left picture, the man's chin skin is directly connected to the bottom of the neck.

The chin skin of the girl on the right picture is firmly attached to the bottom of the chin and extends to the entire neck.

So if you want to paint a beautiful head up, you must paint the chin like this girl!

So switching to the front, I drew two heads up.

After comparing the previous photo, you will find that if you want to draw the bottom of the chin, you have to draw the shadow of the chin short and deep as the right one.

I draw another picture for you to compare.

This picture is a comparison of the front face and the side face of the head.

The left one faces without looking up, the right one is the angle of looking up and deforming.

So I would suggest that if you want to draw head up, try not to let the character look up too much, as the face in the middle.

Because of the head up, the chin will become dull, but at least the face will not deform too much.

Or you can consider the angle of the portrait as those.

Both women looked up, but why can they still be so beautiful and thin?

Because they are thin.

Although the angle they lookup is quite big, it still hard to see their bottom of the chin.

If you draw the line, you will find that the shadow of their chin is still there. So if you want to draw head up in the future, but you don’t want to draw it as an aunty, it is recommended to choose this angle to draw.

Your character will look less deformed and maintain the beautiful face!

Then I demonstrate how to draw this head-up picture!

If you think the article is not clear enough, welcome to watch the video on my Youtube channel.

It will be clearer to watch the demonstration in the video directly.

You can see the difference between the two drawings.

It feels the chin is sharper.

I just want to show you the difference between the two chins, so the lines are drawn sharp here.

In fact, when you draw by yourself, you can adjust the head up according to the way I suggested to you.

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Alright! After reading this blog or video, remember to pick up the pen and try to draw it! If you only look at it without drawing, it is actually very easy for you to forget it. You can’t really learn it without practice, so don’t be lazy, just pick up the pen and start drawing now! If you have any questions or ideas, please comment below or use social media or email to communicate with me! I am happy that you can read this article and hope it can help you! I also look forward to seeing your character head up!




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